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Having no NRC is better how?

Joe King

Jim Clark (26)
“Destroyed” is probably too strong a word. ‘Divided’, maybe, but whether the NRC was a good thing depends on how you measure it. Do you measure it by its appeal to the spectator, or by how well it develops players to benefit Super Rugby and the Wallabies? In other words do you measure it by the BBL or the Sheffield Shield?

At the schoolboy level, there is really no difference between Australia and NZ. It’s always been a tight battle. At under 20 level you start to see a difference, with NZ moving ahead — though things have been changing in the Australian system and I think we’re moving in a good direction there. However, from u20 onwards a clear difference emerges. NZ players and teams suddenly have better skills and way more depth. Why? Answer: NPC. It is the one clear difference between their system and ours.

However, a good third tier is not as simple as implementing a new competition. The NPC teams are NZs traditional teams and are an established part of the player pathway. They have access to players and can influence them, and are personally involved in a player’s training and development at the grass roots level outside of the actual NPC competition.

While as a step between club and Super, the NRC would have a positive impact, it would take more than a few years for new NRC teams to have the kind of affect on the Australian system that the NPC teams do in NZ.

I don’t know, from my observation it just looks like things are gearing towards the Oz Super Rugby teams themselves playing the role of the NPC teams at the third tier level, probably because they are the only teams that can in the short term. Whether it’s a short comp (minus test players) in line with the new u16 and u19 comps, or mini tours to Japan and NZ, or inviting/hosting o/s teams like the Force will do at the end of 2023, I think we’ll see the Super Rugby teams try and keep their players playing more games together post SRP (Super Rugby Pacific), whilst setting themselves up to be real rep teams for aspiring club players.

This has always been the natural set up in Australia and I just think we’ll end up going with the flow rather than cutting across the grain.
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David Codey (61)
It literally destroyed the game in Australia?

So, the game of Rugby Union no longer exists in this country?

Damn, and that whole time the plan was just to destroy Sydney club rugby…

Clearly they've bought into the BS about there being thousands upon thousands of fans turning out for Shute Shield games based off literally two Grand Finals that have been constantly rehashed by some of the dinosaurs still trundling out in the media with their rose tinted glasses on. Because anyone who's been paying attention can tell you a very different story.

We need the NRC is whatever form it takes to return. Ideally I'd go with the 5 franchises (sans Wallabies potentially using city names) plus a select side featuring the best non-contracted prospects from the respective club competitions. Invite the Drua and look to find an 8th. Play it over sevens rounds plus finals. Crucially run the season in the October/November/December window. Market the shit out of it.