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ISA 2017

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Country Boys

Frank Row (1)
The 1sts for Kinross has around 10 year 11's in it so it's very young. Could determine how they would go from 16A's last year, future seems cloudy until they play against Stannies and Auggies.

Jim Belshaw

Syd Malcolm (24)
I posted earlier that they had a loss against Newington and a win against TAS last week. Not aware of any other trials. I have heard reports that there is some optimism in Orange though.

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Can anyone tell me what the actual score against Newington was?


Herbert Moran (7)
Interesting times ahead - the Stannies pre-season form is outstanding. For me whoever wins tomorrow between Auggies and Stannies takes the title. I would have backed Auggies this time last week, but the form of the Stannies boys can't be ignored - Stannies to win by 7 and take the ISA title for 2017.

Word from the bus stop over Castle Hill way is that Oaks are not as strong as previous years, whilst the Campbelltown boys have shown they can beat anybody on their day - Gregs by 2 in a close one.

St Pats v Kinross will be a good contest. In the corresponding game last year a friend told me that Kinross were absolutely outstanding and would have beaten the Waratahs that day (probably not that hard these days). But Pats always find that extra effort at home - draw.

16As, as with the 1st XV, will be between the boys from Bathurst and Brookvale. As with the firsts, whoever wins tomorrow will win the title. However, the teams may have lost boys to the Firsts this year - can anybody shed light on that? Assuming teams same as last year, Auggies by 14+.

On another note, I really hope the 2016 shenanigans between Stannies and Kinross supporters has been addressed by both schools - it is an embarrassment to both schools and the game of rugby. ISA and rugby is better than that. The ISA needs to take stern action if there is a repeat.

Mr ISA Rugby

Herbert Moran (7)
Any lower grade results?
2s 3s 16A ?

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Kinross won 2s about 25-23 (not sure of exact score. They also won 3s 17-0.

Not sure of 16s or 15s but I believe the 14a's and 13a's were won by pats.

I'll update you when I know more

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