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ISA 2019


Bob McCowan (2)
Who are Oaks up against? And are they a full strength side atm or struggling with plenty of injuries


Bob McCowan (2)
With St Pats first XV coming up against Trinity over at Summer Hill this Saturday, there is still much speculation over the Pats first XV team. After suffering a hefty defeat to the Knox boys, the Pats boys will be keen to get their first win on the board against Trinity who also suffered a loss against Newington. It is a second chance for the boys to get their season off to a good start and to finalise the best 15 men for the job. With lines ups being finalised for this fixture in the coming days; the only players that are shoe ins for this game are:

1. Thomas Uren
2. Samuel Anderson
3. Samuel Beacom
4. Max Dening
5. Thomas McMullan

The rest of the team remain undecided but I believe it will be Thomas Uren's turn to take over from the well respected Hawwy Armour and don the captain armband. Samuel Anderson will be pushing for ISA representative selection, as his size and overall mongrel will be an asset to any representative team that he will inevitably find his way into.

Armchair Selector

Johnnie Wallace (23)
Oaks play Joey's. 1sts v 2nds, 2nds v 4ths etc. Interesting that they will play 13, 14,15 & 16A's suggesting they beat Barker in all age groups but lost 1sts by 50 odd.

Will be a great day out at Hunters Hill, the fields are in fantastic condition. The annual fixture between Oakhill and Joeys is keenly anticipated by both schools and is always played in the right spirit.

Good to hear that Oakhill are stronger in the younger age groups having beaten Barker in these groups. In the past few years Oakhill has struggled against Joeys especially in the forwards and in a number of A comp fixtures they were forced to go uncontested. Let's hope that that's not the case this weekend.

Jim Belshaw

Bob Loudon (25)
These (hopefully) are the details of the TAS KWS games. I have no idea how TAS will go. Kinross has been too strong in rcenet years, but it brings first class school rugby to a country area


  • TAS V Kinross 2010.png
    TAS V Kinross 2010.png
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Central Best

Chris McKivat (8)
1st XV. Stannies 17 Shore 15
16As. stannies 21 Shore 5

shore to good in all other grades

How did The other ISA sides go

Ball in hand

Frank Nicholson (4)
1st XV. Stannies 17 Shore 15
16As. stannies 21 Shore 5

shore to good in all other grades

How did The other ISA sides go
Auggies v Kings 1s 19 all
Auggies v Kings 2s. 7-34 (3-4 boys replaced with bad injuries in first 15 minutes made it a tough afternoon for Auggies but Kings were very good and deserved the win)
16as Kings 19 - 14
15as to Auggies
Don’t know the others

Jim Belshaw

Bob Loudon (25)
Results for Opens:
3rd XV- TAS 17 - KWS 5
2nd XV- TAS 12-KWS 15
1st XV- TAS 0 - KWS 26
Match comment on the firsts from FB :"With Kinross Opens having played 4 games already, TAS players did well to contain the scores. In the 1sts, TAS scrums were very strong, but we just couldn't put points on the board even though getting very close at times".


Oakhill vs Joeys results, great results for the 13's not so good for the older years:


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Frank Nicholson (4)
Trinity too good for St Pat's (50-7).

Pat's were in the game for the first 15min courtesy of some nice line running from the backs and quick ball from the ruck, although it was all down hill from there. Trinity capitalised on some loose balls to run away with a few long range tries, ultimately claiming the momentum and never looking back.

The boys in green looked well structured, however I don't believe they will penetrate the CAS competition as much as they have in recent years.

Pat's will be up for the contest in most fixtures this season if they can tidy up a few loose balls in the back line, as they did look good in the first 15min (I genuinely believed it was going to be a close contest - a few tries against the run of play potentially put a dent in the Pat's boys confidence for the remainder of the game).