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ISA Rugby 2014

2014 Champions

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Frank Row (1)
Oakhill win 21-13 against barker, lachlan burland out outside scoring two tries and a dominant performance!!!
Oakhill looking good

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
In 2012, pretty sure Oakhill played and beat all 6 CAS Schools, therefore they were the undefeated CAS Premiers.

Challenge for ISA is to repeat that dominance at the Rep level over CAS, which seems to elude them no matter how good the big 2 are from ISA (Auggies, and Oaks).


Charlie Fox (21)
It may be a slow build up, but this years U 18 will be a combination of the previous 2 years of u/16 ISA teams that lost to Presidents A by less than a try. it seems the gap between the respective ISA and CAS teams grew if the score lines at the Knox u/16 carnival are any indication

I am brought to believe ISA selections will be conducted a little differently this year, with selectors visiting trial and early comp matches and inviting players to attend the trials as it seams some schools didn't send year 11 players to the ISA trials last year, (told to me by parents of attendees to those schools)

I dont know what player expectations have been in the past, but I think this years co-hort will have high expectations based on their own standards and past performances.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
What trial matches are going on during the School Holidays?

Who is heading overseas/interstate?

What overseas/interstate Schools are inbound?


Chris McKivat (8)
In 2012, pretty sure Oakhill played and beat all 6 CAS Schools, therefore they were the undefeated CAS Premiers.

Challenge for ISA is to repeat that dominance at the Rep level over CAS, which seems to elude them no matter how good the big 2 are from ISA (Auggies, and Oaks).
Not quite all 6 , but close enough. They played 5 CAS schools that year. With regards to disappointing ISA vs CAS results, there is a simple solution. Tell the ISA boys (aka St Augustine's 1st XV) they are playing Oakhill instead of CAS ... you will get a massive turn around in form :)

Whale berry

Larry Dwyer (12)
Pius have a new fullback who had his first season of rugby in the 15B last year, came from AFL .
Lightning fast scored 12 tries in 8 games (or similar).
Will be interesting to see how he goes in higher company.
Apparently this new fullback is playing on the wing for the 16A's, picked up rwo tries last week.
The 1stXV this week has 1 x yr 10, 6 x yr 11, pretty young team .

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Early days yet but Possible ISA I (based on 2013 form)

1. Aisea TUKIPILI St. Augustine's College
2. Brendan HOLLIS St. Augustine's College
3. Conor DAVIDSON Chevalier College
5. Emerson ADCOCK St Andrews
6. Siaosi HALAIFONUA St. Augustine's College
7. John WALKER St. Augustine's College
8. James LOUGH St. Augustine's College
9. Jaydon FA'AVAE St Gregorys
13. Ned YEOMANS Kinross Woloroi
15. B FONTAINE St. Augustine's College

17. James PARTRIDGE Oakhill
18. Patrick BYRNE Chevalier College
19. Declan MOORE St Andrews

Gaps to be filled by ISA U16 2013 boys.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
That will be a great experience for the Oakhill boys.

IIRC they went there in 2012 pre-season. That was a fairly good year for the Oaks, as they won the ISA comp but lost the Waratah Shield GF to Auggies.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Move with the times @ILTW.
A 100 minute drive to Wollongong is like a home location to some in AAGPS 3's and ISA.

AAGPS 3rds comp go to Armidale for a regular round.
ISA teams are in Bathurst (Stannies/All Saints) and Orange (Kinross) on a very regular basis.
AAGPS 1's even go as far west as North Parramatta. ;)


Ted Fahey (11)
Oak hill to South America, Scots off to SA,didn't a School have a Europe tour late last year?
Back in " the good old days" we had an annual trip to Wollongong...

Knox off to NZ.

Me off to Rooty Hill RSL


Stan Wickham (3)
What a thriller down at Breen Oval today with Pat's very lucky to escape with a win, 14-10. Some stand out performances from Pat Calavassy (#7) who is in the under 16's this year, Benet James, Joseph Carbo, Nathan Taweel, Matthew Thomas, Joshua Nohra and Albert Jenson. The Pat's front-row as a whole must be commended for bringing some much needed aggression and sticking it to the Trinity forwards. Benet James and Carbo provided the go forward and momentum needed to spark such a comeback. A very unlucky lose for Trinity today. Their #13, #9, #1, and #8 had solid performances.

Pat's went down to Trinity 19-12 in the seconds.

Wood Rat

Alfred Walker (16)
St Eddies retain the Papahatzis shield this year assisted by "the ultimate referee" as the games were washed out
I am sure both school squads appreciate the break as Eddies will be preparing for Japan and Augies packing their bags for their NZ tour


Stan Wickham (3)
The opening game against Trinity is always a big game for the St Pats boys and they'd be undoubtedly pleased with their narrow victory. From what I saw today, St Pats were average and Trinity were worse. A combination of decent St Pats defense and some very lack luster Trinity attack was the story of the game. Trinity dominated possession and territory, but their attack was ordinary at very best. St Pats must be credited for Showing a lot of ticker and hanging in their defensively. I agree that Jenson, Nohra and Carbo were the standouts for St Pats, and I'd have them featuring somewhere in the ISA squad later this year. I can't say I agree that the front row brought the aggression, as the whole game lacked aggression and the front row definetly weren't taking the game to Trinity in my opinion. The scrum for St Pats needs a bit of work, often going backwards and on an occasion losing a loose head feed. The lineout was a shambles, a combination of off throwing and what seemed to be some slack lifting. Carbo and Jenson worked very hard getting St Pats going forward, also accompanied by Denford in the 2nd row.

Overall, St Pats will benefit from more trials and hopefully gain some more cohesion and fluidity in attack. But to back them to come in 3rd is very ambitious, St Pats should look to take each game as it comes. Another observation I made is that St Pats are playing with a very small forward pack. When they come u against toughe opposition, this may be shown up to be an issue in a more physical match. And for all of those out there who don't appreciate the aggressive and cynical style of rugby played by st pats in the previous couple of years, from what I have seen today and heard today, the school hierarchy is very keen for the brawling and associated connotations to be totally wiped out of the St Pats rugby culture.

Well covered Lou and RF123. This game was entertaining. A classic formula of a home team, fumbling almost every opportunity, incapable of winning their own line-outs and loose heads. And yet, a trace of mongrel and a key Trinity play-maker down with a knee injury, turned the tide. A boisterous local crowd and a fickle wind, supported the St Pats comeback in the second half.

Lou, you're a little tough on Trinity. They showed initiative in the lineouts; and generally won their own ball; there is a lot here for the coach to work with. It was a testament to the St Pats defence, that Trinity were unable to capitalize on their wealth of possession.

Full credit to St Pats for the win; they definitely have plenty to work on. They seemed around 50Kg lighter than their opposition pack and they struggled to hold the engagement, at times. They really need to sort out their lineout and scrum problems before going up against the ISA heavyweights.

Agreed (Lou) on the lack of any unsportsman-like behaviour. The St Pats image of the last couple of years was tainted by a handful of egos, that were allowed to fester, during a successful run through the age groups. Lets hope the current teams get back to the true St Pats spirit of the team, the jersey, the sport and the school.


Lachlan Burland (Oakhill) is a talented and gutsy Centre. He'd have to be seriously considered for ISA rep team selection.

Gil Bertilike

Frank Row (1)
Lachlan Burland (Oakhill) is a talented and gutsy Centre. He'd have to be seriously considered for ISA rep team selection.

I watched the Oakhill v Barker game. I didn't get a program but if Burland was the #13, I agree he played well. I also thought the Oakhill #7 and #1 went well. It was a shame to see the Barker #9 injured early. Not sure if these boys featured in representative games last year.
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