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John I. Dent Cup 2016 - ACT Premier Rugby

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Larry Dwyer (12)
I notice that the Brumbies 7's side that was picked from the local tournament last month, is playing at the 'Fishers Ghosts 7's" in Campbletown this w'end. Has anyone knowledge of the players?

Rob Buserau Nikki Ayres
Adam O’Grady Neda Su-Yung Amiatu
Eremasi Kelei Sammy Maxwell
Nick Tankey Talei Wilson
Darcy Eason Fiona Knights
Jake Rakic Jessica Cox
Vitali Tudraki Janina Strauts
Brendan Woodward Sal Moyen
Ben Johnston Anja Halstead
Matt Caldwell Jane Garraway
Sam Giltrap Kate Brown
Liam Simonsson Lele Amiatu
Georgia O’Neill



Allen Oxlade (6)
I work part time in one of the Pizza stands in town.

Gunghalin have picked up quite a few players.

The big fella has been overseas since July so i doubt you've been seeing him much. Maybe a dopleganger?
Have word from royals insiders that he's already back into pre-season looking to a big 2016 so watch this space!

Heard easts may have a few new recruits?


Larry Dwyer (12)
Heard easts may have a few new recruits?[/quote]

Great...I guess we all hope for a stronger Easts and a strong comp.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
I would say Vikings would of recruited some new blood, also heard Robbie Abel to Easts - other than that have not heard much.

Anyone know when the season starts, any change to the structure?


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Rowan Perry from the Vikings and a possible Brumbies player in the near future has moved to Sydney. Vikings seem to have lost some key players - will be interested who fills the No.7 spot and possibly that will open the door for Dan Penca to finally get the 23 starting spot for the Canberra Vikings.
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