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John I. Dent Cup 2018 - ACT Premier Rugby

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Vay Wilson (31)
Be an interesting off season - you get the sense that all teams are only 2 or 3 good recruits off a 2019 grand final appearance. Any team that loses a few players could easily slide. I wouldn't like to be framing a betting market at this stage.

Green grass

Chris McKivat (8)
think we've just witnessed one of the great John I Dent competitions. Things were very even across the board. The finals series genuinely shocked me- I just wish that we hadn't started the game so slowly against Dara in the Sunday game. Plenty of highlights throughout the year and much to look forward to in 2019.
Can they rebuild? Not a good year after making the big dance in 2017. Will Coutts play on?
Amazing season, a lot to be excited about if they are able to build on their brilliant work in 2017. Morseu a game breaker, Meateyawa a real find for the tricolours.
Well, what an insane season! It was great to see them make the Colts GF and win 2nd grade - during the year I have thought that in first grade they may not have got selections quite right - players in Colts/2nd Grade should of maybe made the move to 1st Grade a bit more. Justin Sikimeti is a young dude who could honestly push for higher honours this year as a Brumby down the track
Great year. Unfortunately the season ended 2 weeks early. The Owls were the only team not to lose to Tuggeranong this year. I know there are some sore heads around after the presentation lunch on Saturday afternoon, but this is a motivated group who will rise and push their way into the top 2 next year.
The old gold eagle was brutally shot down at Viking Park during the preliminary final. I think Owls can take credit for really sticking it to Dara in the last 20 on the Sunday. A lot to like in the north, Kotz finding fitness late in the year and plenty of talent coming through their colts side. That Ross is a first grader in the making and will probably see more minutes late in first grade games in 2019. The Dobson lads will be great mentors for him.
Canberra Royals
Amazing season. Consistently played attacking and entertaining football. Muirhead, Cole and Going were my standouts. This was a team that made you pay if you turned the footy over. Scored try of the season in the grand final, a length of the field, 100m effort.
Vikings won the Grand Final and credit to them. The men from the valley have unearthed some stars in Lachlan Lonergan and Noah Lolesio, who in my opinion, should have been in the team from the beginning of the season. These two were key in Vikings storming home to win the premiership. Courageous move to put the 18 year old Lonergan on with 30 to go, but Henry looked cooked at half time and it helped seal the game. The decision to drop Isaac Thompson (Gramps) clearly paid dividends. Smith had a fantastic season and in my mind was unlucky not to take the MacDougall home a fortnight ago. He is now a premiership captain.


Vay Wilson (31)
Great wrap up Green Grass - bring on 2019!! In the interim I'm keen to hear any rumours, player movements etc over the off season.


Ted Fahey (11)
Predictions for each team for the year?
Edit: I retract nearly every statement of this after seeing & hearing goings on in pre season but won’t delete comments to see how wrong it all was

1. Vikings - resources, good coaching, depth and the best counter attack in the comp. very hard to stop

2. Eagles - have 2x Aussie 20s props, plus the Dobson’s to give the front row depth. Gillard is a very good 10, Hansen should be around for a lot of games and Caputo coming on board to coach after recent professional stints will rise them to the GF.

3. Royals - not that they’ll go backwards, just the Eagles will rise for 2019. A very good side with good players. Depth is reasonable.

4. Norths - May depend on who replaces Gilmore at 10. And if their tight 5 can stay fit and play all season. Struggled in 2018 when their first choice front rowers weren’t available as their 2nd grade props got schooled.

5.Easts - battle a little with depth. Had a good season in 2018 and they’ll replicate that in 2019. May nudge in front of Norths. Fantastic counter attack. Second only to Vikings. Morseau will again be their best.

6. Whites - too inconsistent through the season. Fall apart when things don’t go their way. Very good loose forwards, scrum is very hot and cold. Goddard? the Colts 10 was sprouted last year but I felt he struggled with 1st grade. Hopefully he’s bulked up a bit in the off season.

7.Wests - struggle with quality 2nd graders to come up and make the step into 1st grade and have lost their best player from 2018 to Shute Shield. Best scrum in the comp with Coutts which upsets opposition sides. Outside backs struggled last season so hopefully they’ve recruited some centres to make some impact.
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