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John I. Dent Cup 2018 - ACT Premier Rugby

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Vay Wilson (31)
FT scores:
Easts 22 Uni-Norths 20
Queanbeyan 39 Gungahlin 38
Royals 32 Vikings 31

Wow! Wouldn't mind having $10 on those pick the margins! Congratulations to Easts!! Very positive stuff. All three games sound like they were crackers! Any reports??

I'm betting you would have to go back a long way to find a round in the JID where there was a total of 4 points in the winning margins across all three games. Nice to see a tight start to the comp!


Vay Wilson (31)
Would I be correct to say Easts are top of the ladder on for and against given they had the biggest winning margin?


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Yo guys!

I'm back...kind of haha....

Went to the Whites V Eagles game yesterday....one of the best games I've seen for a little while to be honest...so pleasing signs being only Round 1!

Eagles don't look to much different to last year - similar squad from the looks of things - 2 players that are generally their go-to guys in the backline Hawke and Kotz were decent in attack but terrible in defence....overall I thought the team as a whole looked decent but some issues in defence and around the ruck.

Whites even though they have a few old faces in the team looked like a TOTALLY different out-fit yesterday - I really hope they stick with this side and don't chop and change to much - I think they have a good mix of youth and experience and they played some VERY expansive rugby which hasn't really been a big thing for Qbn the last few years - more forward dominant.

Stand-outs for me - the new No.10 - Will Goddard from Canberra Grammar who had an offer from the Waikato Chiefs....this kid is a GUN - you can def see this guy playing super rugby and international rugby in the years to come, OJ Noa is back and was insane yesterday, Carl the hooker had a cracker and the young No.7 Justin Sikimeti - he was a gun - also the wingers were great - annnnd the young islander No.1 Fred Kaihea - was running like a back in different points of the game - I'll go as far to say he'll prob be one of the best forwards in the comp this year - he was great last year but will be a full-time starter in the 1st XV this year. He's very young as well maybe 18-19 - he may of been the kid who was still in college last year . . .

All in all for the Whites despite taking the foot off the peddle in the last 15 - prob one of the best performances I've seen from them in a while. At one point they looked like winning by 50.

One big thing to point out with the Whites this year - which must be big for the club is Daniel Penca stepping down as captain and Ryan Jones taking over. Penca has been a gun for the club for what 10 years (?) now - but I just can't see him playing 1st Grade full-time this year - Justin Sikimeti is a young dude who could honestly push for higher honours this year as a Viking, and possibly Brumby down the track - I think it would be a bad move pushing him down to give Penca the No.7 and I think this is why we have seen Penca handing over the captains role. . . .

Anyone have any idea how Goddard ended up at the whites? Brumbies Allocation?


Vay Wilson (31)
Any Stampede for Round 1? I couldn't find it but keen to see how the clubs are looking if anyone could shoot me a link?

Green grass

Chris McKivat (8)
Round 2 Predictions
Uni Norths vs Queanbeyan - Queanbeyan by 70
Gungahlin vs Tuggeranong - Tuggeranong by 12
Wests vs Easts - Wests by 8


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Has Sokai hung up the books No 8?

Nah mate! Starting Number 8 in 2nd grade for Queanbeyan - and benching for 1st most likely.

Penca has been named at Hooker this week - was thinking he might cover hooker backup this year.


Stan Wickham (3)
Go Easties!!! Need to consolidate and build on this year - can't be a one off flash in the pan. Needs to be a genuine turning point for the club.
change takes time in my opinion - club looks like its heading in the right direction but without proper depth i believe the club will struggle later on in the season but hopefully they can display some great heart and draw some more numbers for future seasons.

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Chris McKivat (8)
Went out to Uni and had a look at the Owls take on Qbn. Always felt that Qbn had an extra gear and were never going to lose. Uni's scrum was quite strong, though not sure if this was due to the Whites having a new combination there. Seemed like a bad weekend for Gungahlin, what on earth happened in that first half? Good result for Easts too, but that isn't a good sign for Wests to squander a 19 point lead? How did Richie Arnold go?


Bill Watson (15)
. Seemed like a bad weekend for Gungahlin, what on earth happened in that first half?

The wind out at Gungahlin made a massive difference, defending for the whole 1st half without being able to exit your own 22m took it out of the Eagles. Tuggies only scored once in the second half but it was a step to far for Gungahlin to come back. Tuggeranong were clinical with the use of the boot and Gungahlin's D looked disjointed.


Allen Oxlade (6)
I went out to Gungahlin enclosed and watched the 2nd have of 2s and then left at halftime in the 1st grade game (HT score 59 - 5) It was getting cold and I had the little one with me so excuse my half assed match report.

2nd grade looked like a good old fashioned shoot out. Very little defence by either side but some really entertaining attacking footy from both teams.

By the time 1st grade kicked-off the weather had taken a bit of a turn. The wind picked up and the temperature dropped pretty considerably. Gungahlin were first to strike with a try against the run of play, saddly that would be the last time they looked like being a problem for the vikings. Thompson and Taueki used the wind to their advantage a plugged the left hand corner with kicks. Due to the wind Gungahlin attempted to run out of their 22 at times with little success, at others times were not able to find touch with their kicks and when they did made little ground. It made gungahlins job tough but the wind certainly wasn't worth 59 points.

Vikings back three were particularly impressive I think Taueki had 3 trys at half time. I thought one of the Vikings back rowers was impressive in Oakman-Hunts absence allen? someone said he played for wests last year? Vikings pack was pretty dominant they seem to have addressed some of the set piece issues that plagued them last year.

Obviously a bit difficult to pick out standouts from gungahlin with the scoreline and such a small sample. But, their new halfback looks like a handy player. They certainly have potential in the backrow but i cant help but feel they're still lacking in the 2nd row and as a result will probably struggle at times to match the physicality of some of the bigger packs. Hansen showed some flashes and i'm sure will benefit from some time away with the 20s.

As mentioned I wasn't able to stick around for the second half but hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea of what transpired.

Green grass

Chris McKivat (8)
Just watched the highlights courtesy of the wonderful Griffin Legal fb page- What game were you watching MonkeyBoy?
I see no evidence of ANY defence from Gungahlin in that first half mate?
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