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John I Dent Cup 2019

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Ted Fahey (11)
John I Dent Cup 2019 is about a month away from kick off. Who has the news on signings and goings on?

Are Easts going back to pre 2018? Are Wests in for a big year after picking up several new players? Will Vikings win again? Are Queanbeyan going to hit the mark this season


Frank Nicholson (4)
Good evening howyagoin,

Long time no posts one would say but I’m back ready for another big year of JID.
2018 saw a seesawing evening out of the competition with the rise of Easts and Uni and the lessened dominance of Vikings and Royals.

So what will 2019 bring?
As a lover of the game... I really do believe the fairytale of Easts will continue this year as they will push their way into the top 4.. the loss of Abel hurts however, Cornforth has supposedly been able to counter with some sevens players coming and also snagging John Bosco from Owls.
Tuggeranong and Royals will remain steady atop of the standings. Both teams have losses of key players to league, but experience and leadership especially in the likes of the underrated Skipper Smith and ever reliable Johnson will mean that they may lose a few more games but will definitely be there come finals.

Green Grass, im worried for you as I’ve heard a lot of negatives coming from the owls this year in regards to player retention, I like the acquisition of the two new coaches but I do feel it’ll be a long one.

Wests will improve ever so slightly to clinch the 6th position but leber will be a hole to fill.

Queanbeyan and Gungahlin will battle it out for the last finals spot and it could be based on who wants to “entice” more players to their club.. arguably it’ll come down to the battle of the front row... young guns Kaihea vs Ross... and older bulls Nadruku vs Dobson... all in all I think Queanbeyan will snatch it but will be bowled over early in the finals.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s all for tonight


Ted Fahey (11)
Interesting thoughts. Easts have lost a few too. I don’t think they’re finals bound this year if my sources are correct. Otto Wranokei the centre has gone to QLD to play league and I heard they lost a few to Wests and 1 or 2 to the Whites.

Royals and Vikings will no doubt be top 2 again, Gungahlin may benefit from Tom Ross and Mack Hansen not looking like they’re game day Beumbies members so may play a lot of footy with them? Norths will struggle this year and go backwards, Leber leaving Wests almost does their dash of a finals appearance too.

It should be another interesting season ahead with plenty of spills and the next months trials will show who has turned up where on the player merry go round that this comp seems to be at times
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