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League of Nations or EOYT?

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
In the original article it's mentioned it could see revenues increase by 40% with the prospect of that being higher. If so, then a compromise could be an appearance fee paid to nations that are the away team.

Unless the increase in revenue is significant enough to be able to divvy it up equally.

I don't think it's ever going to be equal shares but the likes of Fiji need to be getting way more than the pittance they currently receive. A pittance plus 40% is still a pittance if the other guy's are getting £1Mn plus.

Rebel man

Chilla Wilson (44)
The issue is you need equalisation to grow the game but the rich never want to sign up to it. If all the rugby championship nations had more to invest into their domestic markets the standard would improve (granted NZ and SA go okay in that regard) and the game would grow its fan base and engage with more corporate support bringing more money into the game.


David Codey (61)
^ I just hope they (& Rugby Australia, NZR, SARU & UAR) play hardball on this & don't settle for a pro rata increase on the current appearance fees.

Yep. In a perfect world each nation involved in both divisions would see an equal share of the total revenue (TV and advertising) but I'd be shocked and delighted but mostly shocked if that were the outcome unless the $ on offer are huge. The best I think we could hope for is a 2 to 1 split. So if there's say $100m (certainly would want there to be substantially more but it's a decent figure to provide an example)on offer then we'll see $33m of that reach those in the Challenger Series. Which I know isn't perfect but it sure would be pretty significant for a number of those Unions.


John Eales (66)
Looks an interesting concept to me Wilson, and by just taking RC and 6N out of it for qualifying, can open the way for promotion/relegation in future without stuffing up those comps.