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Lions in South Africa 2021


Dick Tooth (41)
:mad: me and you both mate, there is so much I would like tidied up around them. Like when 9 touches ball with feet or hands the f***en thing is out, and they can get caught, remind them their first job is to clear the thing etc!
How about when ref yells “use it” ball’s in play? All the halves take a few extra seconds to hoick up their shorts, get their plant foot in the perfect position, look at the ref, make eye contact with chasers, look at ref again before finally kicking it. Then the other team gets it, goes a few phases, runs out of ideas and does the same


John Eales (66)
Was a more entertaining game than the previous ones because of the trophy on the line and Finn Russell. Apart from that pretty quiet. I quite like the ref, pretty consistent.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Yes i enjoyed the series because it was the world champs vs the B&I Lions, however I have concerns about the style of play, box kicks and contestable kicks seems to be the primary attacking threat. It’s dire to watch, and for teams outside of the two best in the world i have little to no interest in watching it.
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Colin Windon (37)
I saw a tweet from a very reliable rugby reporter saying that during the third Test the ball was in play for just 26 minutes. Incredible, and not in a good way.


Andrew Slack (58)
Some observations:

1. Yippeee-da-yah madafakkas.

2. When did anyone expect for a minute that the Boks would play anything adventurous in this series after having about 3 weeks to prepare, no test rugby for 18 months, and some players coming out of quarantine a few days before the first test?

3. A few years back the Boks made the mistake of trying to play rugby against Warrenball and lost 4 or five Welsh tests. Warrenball is premised on forward dominance, and pouncing on mistakes. Rassie was wise to this, which we saw in the RWC semi-final. Why would he change that against the Lions who would play Warrenball with the best players from up North? Gatland tried to intimate that the Lions "played more rugby." BS.

4. I see some Lions supporters accused the Boks of negative play. Well. Pot. Kettle, Red. You can do anything you like wit the ball. You had it for 60% of the time and you could do very little with it. Cry me a bucket.

5. The box kick needs to be reviewed. Dunno how, but it has to.

6. Bring 50/22 into test rugby and allow one scrum reset with a forced tap kick. Bin props for repeated collapses.

7. At some point let's trial a rule where you cannot kick a bomb in your own half. Or somesuch.

8. We will play more rugby against the Wallabies and Allblacks because we have to.

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
I reckon they'll tweak some rules. "Ban the box kick" sounds obvious but its such a staple part of the game now God knows what the matches would look like without it....

When you read online comments from Brits saying "I was going to travel for the next Lions tour but if Gatlands going to send his teams out under instruction to play like that it wouldnt be any fun" I reckon the powers-that-be would take notice.

LOT of $$ involved with them Lions tourists.....

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Because it's been ages, here is a summary ruling against Rassie for his video rant.
Rassie Erasmus

  • Suspension with immediate effect from all rugby activities for two months
  • Suspension from all match-day activities (including coaching, contact with match officials, and media engagement) with immediate effect until 30 September, 2022
  • A warning as to his future conduct and an apology to the relevant match officials


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Good Erasmus bloody deserves it, how he behaved was disgusting and an embarrassment to international rugby. Why did it take World Rugby 5 months to reach this conclusion though.