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Music ???

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
Eyvind Kang's solo works are all brilliant IMO, in particular - Theater of Mineral NADEs and Live Low to the Earth, In the Iron Age.............

I don't really listen to the earlier Swans as much (mostly Body to Body, Job to Job when I do)..............

My fondness actually lies in their most recent albums, plus Soundtracks for the Blind.

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
more bin scabbing:

Tom Verlaine - Cover LP 200 yen always skip past this guys solo stuff thinking its just gonna be pale contrails of his TELEVISION days. it kind of is but with a big drum sound. might be a grower though. 1984
Television Personalities - When I Grow Up I Want To Be... 7" 200 yen. poignant mutherfuckers
Sugar - Your Favorite Thing 7" 100 yen. different b-sides are a yes
Raydio - Rock On LP 300 yen. some rock solid funk for us bleck jokers

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
bugger all record shopping here so far this year, too broke

DAVE BRUBECK live in paree lp 100 yeah wftever dave
Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend 7"£1.50 man this song sounds good
Deacon Blue - Real Gone Kid 7" £0.50 sucker for the bass line
The Cure - Standing On A Beach • The Singles (And Unavailable B-Sides Cass, £3.75. ace b-sides here and there
Run-D.M.C.* - It's Tricky 7",£1.50
Sparks - The Number One Song In Heaven 7 £0.75
Peter Gabriel - Digging In The Dirt 7"£1.99. shitpot recording job
Tubeway Army - Are 'Friends' Electric? 7" £0.75 fuck yeah
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Oliver's Army 7" £0.99
The Who - Who Are You 7" £0.60
Thin Lizzy - Killers Live 7" £0.75 bit hit and miss for me. no stiffy here
Laurie Anderson - O Superman 7"£0.75 intriguing
Bob Dylan - Modern Times CD £4.99
Bob Dylan - Love And Theft CD £2.75. fahk this sounds good dubbed to cobalt cassette tape. all 3 of these Bob Dullin cd's do
Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind CD £2.50
Faith No More - From Out Of Nowhere 7" £1.99 dated badly
Genesis - Abacab 7 £1.25 drum sound yes the rest wft no
John Foxx - Burning Car 7" £0.75 KILLER synthfaerie outing here.


BARONESS BLUE RECORD Vinyl LP (Album) 20.00. well it sounded alright on youtube. fuck this though. the drums almost save it for me but the rock star vocals and Malmsteen bullshit ruin it
BARONESS PURPLE Vinyl LP (Album) 15.00. dislike this one even more
BEACH BOYS SUNFLOWER (180 GR) Vinyl LP (Album) 18.50 very fucking relaxing, a bit maudlin 70's but cool cool water oh god
CHROME ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS Vinyl LP (Album) 11.25 bout fuckin time. i deserve it
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING Vinyl LP (Album) 11.50 "Having a hard time" goddamn that is alltime
DOOMRIDERS BLACK THUNDER (COLOR) Vinyl LP (Album) 8.00 stuff this, too hectic and pacy, was expecting doom, it says doomriders, i just want doom
REATARD, JAY MATADOR SINGLES '08 (120 GR) Vinyl LP (Album) 12.75
REATARD, JAY SINGLES 06-07 Vinyl LP (Album) 16.75
The Fall - The Infotainment Scan cass 3 pound. bit too sterile dancey professional here
The Fall - Shift-Work 3 pound, filthy fucking dirty, cleaning tape heads every 10 mins got real old real fast, BIN
The Fall - Code: Selfish cass 3 pound, ditto fucking fluffybunny
The Blue Nile - Hats. cass 2 pound. rooting this maudlin 1989 sookfest. totally miserable.
Brian Eno music for films LP 600 yen. sounds terrible up loud, but down quiet, just perfectly sands the splinters from the maidenhead of another pregantly-paused room.
Fleetwood Mac Tusk LP 100 yen. oh god I'm keeping it. Lindsey Buckingham, just love the bastad, might even check out his consequent solo works
Astronauts LP best of 200 yen. surf is a yes
Spotnicks vs Les Players. LP 400 yen stellar recording
Wedding Present dont try and stop me mother 12" 400 yen. bit tinpot squally before the majesty of Seamonster & Albini sound took root


Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
AMON DUUL II viva la trance LP 1,200 yen fucks me off I cant get into this, too psychy/hectic, massively rooting the 2 lp’s after this, Hijack and Made in America, pricey purchase for me too gahh, why can’t all their songs sound like “Loosey Girls”
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain 7" £0.99 big speakers love the ornate studio wankery
The Isley Brothers - Take Me To The Next Phase (Parts 1 & 2) / Live in the life (7") £0.99 A & B side both killers. Already have LP versions fuck I’m an OCD fluffybunny
Slave - The Hardness Of The World LP £3.49 crucial condition upgrade. Rock solid funk for all us bleck bitches & hos
Ed Kuepper - Everybody's Got To LP £4.99 fucken awesome fucken knew it would be
Bob Seger - Hollywood Nights 7" £0.99 wft
Dr. Feelgood - Down At The Doctors 7" £0.99 condition upgrade.
Black Sabbath - Paranoid 7" £1.79. only about the 4th time I’ve bought this
Neil Young - Four Strong Winds 7" £0.99 bit maudlin but yeah righto
Siouxsie And The Banshees* - The Staircase (Mystery) 7" £1.79 yep
Blue Öyster Cult - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees 2xLP £2.99 fuck no cannot see what people see in this band
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells LP £2.99 bought to enable discogs flog of OBI version, sometimes the obsession bleeds into a sickness
Roy Orbison - It's Over 7" £0.99. condition upgrade. GODHEAD
Kate Bush - Wow 7 £0.99 Brits look after their records like they look after their fucking teeth.
Ohio Players - Skin Tight LP £3.99 to complement cass version. Anal fluffybunny is a yes
Cocteau Twins - Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops 7" 2 pound. godhead
LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM out of the cradle CD 200 yen. 1992, works for about 3 creative songs the rest is just billion dollar studio guitar wank, look at me, I’m worth 45 million (I looked it up) and oh by the way did you know I have 74 spanish steel pedal mandolins GTFO
PATTI SMITH GROUP easter LP 300 yen. Imagine there was some monster feminazi group wank over this back in the day, no idea here in context-stripped North Korea-with-borders-of-the-mind, just know it is a pretty fuckin interesting record and every teen in the 70’s probably contemplated jacking it or jilling it over that cover.


Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
Nope, looks like it was just you and the Boss, chief.
Although I have owned all his glory days lp's over the course of my life.

Wild The Innocent:4/10 sort of passed me by
Greeting Asbury park:4/10 ditto
Born To Run: 5/10 iHomo, hasnt aged well. too overwrought seppo-y
Darkness on the edge of town: 9/10. magnum opus iHomo.
The River: 5/10. reacquired after 20 year gap. aside from Hungry Heart, didnt thrill
Nebraska: 8/10. godhead.
Born in usa 6/10. loved this back in the 80's but weird how little guitar it really has compared to all the wussy 80's keyboards


James Horwill (77)
Staff member
One of his later albums that I really liked was Devils & Dust from 2005.

Well worth checking out if you're a fan. The songs on it were mostly written quite a lot earlier.

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
yeah its funny how old blokes you think might be washed up can put out an album you never knew about and its goddamn great. eg took a punt on 3 "recent" Bob Dylan cd's, wasnt expecting much, and now love all 3 to death

Modern Times
Love and Theft
Time out of mind.

got me thinking about my Top 10 Alltime Favourite Boss songs now.....

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
  1. Open All Night
  2. Something In The Night
  3. Racing In The Street
  4. Johnny 99
  5. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
  6. Thunder Road
  7. Hungry Heart
  8. Adam Raised A Cain (live from 5xlp box)
  9. Atlantic City
  10. State Trooper

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
Crucial binscabbing update

ADRIAN BELEW twang LP 300 yen. How about “no” Scott
AFGHAN WHIGS gentleman 12 100 yen. Always a yes these pricks
AVAIL 4am Friday LP 450 yen. Reacquisition of one I used to thrash in the 90’s. nice nostalgia. will probably never play again
BATS live wfmu 7 300 yen. Always a yes, The Bets.
BOB MOULD s/t CD 300 yen. Maybe a yes
BUCK BILOXI culture LP 850 yen. Flavor of the month darlings. It’s shit. Heard it all a zillion times before.
BUTTHOLE SURFERS widowermaker 12 600 yen
BUTTHOLE SURFERS piough LP 750 yen. still hillaaaaaaarrrous but still shit
CABARET VOLTAIRE live 79 600 yen. 79, couldn’t go wrong
CHILLS heavenly 2X7 450 yen. NZ music just does not exist in japenn so this was a breathtaking find
CHROME flashback 2xCD 400 yen. Some live tracks I didn’t have
CONVERGE/COALESCE 7 500 yen. Hell on toast
CORRUPTED/INFAUST 7 600 yen. Best.
CORRUPTED loss 7 800 yen. Too ambient


DINOSAUR JR quest 7 450 yen. awesome
EARTH living in the gleam CD 500 yen. Real bummer. Not into it
ELECTRIC WIZARD dopethrone CD 1100 yen. Another crucialle reacquisiton
FALL selfish & shiftwork CD 900 yen. Bit discoey but some godhead
FALL bbc radio 1 CD 500 yen boomfah
FRICTION s/t CD 700 yen godhead OG japan punks, j-version of SF’s “Crime” for me
Foul lp 600 yen. gorgeous
FUZZ s/t CD 700 yen. Hipsters do doom metal, gtfo

GODHEADSILO scientific LP 100 yen. Total pants shitting 90’s reaqcusution. Total fuckign downer that the thing has more surface noise than fucking noise.
GODHEADSILO/HAMMERHEAD 7 100 yen. Shit my drawers when I found this. Bummer, its “experimental”
HAnK WOOD AND HAMMERHEADS momma 7 100 yen. Wild ride is a yes.
KARP/RYE COALITION LP 750 yen forgettable after Karp’s glorious lp outings
LAURIE ANDERSON big science LP 350 yen. besides O Superman, the jury’s out. Mr Heartbreak way better
LAZY COWGIRLS radio CD 500 yen. Huge raucous glory
MAGAZINE the light pours 7 400 yen. GODHEAD.
MARK LANEGAN no bells LP 100 yen 700 yen
MARK LANEGAN BAND bubblegum CD this guy has been either a huge yes or a huge no for me. These two, the latter.
MASTERS OF REALITY welcome CD 500 yen a few munters
NIGHT MARCHERS allez 12 400 yen. Took a punt, thought their first from 2008 was a bummer but man oh man, theyre back on the HOT SNAKES train here
SLOWDIVE just for a day CD 750 yen. Too dismal, even for me.
SLOWDIVE Souvlaki CD 900 maudlin a go-go


THRONES white rabbit LP 1400 yen almost had a heart attack in my bumcrack when I found this. I may have actually squealed aloud in the shop, like a little girl finding her long-lost but very, very favourite Barbie doll in the shelves. TOTAL doom metal, TOTAL destruktionne.
TODAY IS THE DAY supernova LP 750 yen another pant-shitting 90’s amrep find
VANGELIS best LP 100 yen yes, yes you can have your laughs, Vangelis, but the wanky Sonab speakers cream their daks to his 70’s synth action
WEDDING PRESENT live LP 500 yen. Almost always a yes this band.
WHO tommy LP 700 yen. Sumptuous. Except for Pete’s pedo bits.
ZAPP heartbreaker 7 100 yen. need entire first 5 years by this band.

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
doesn’t anyone here buy music any more? You pesky kids with your tinpot freebie downloads

PART CHIMP Thriller LP $15. munt noise doom. Hasn’t got the uplifting anthemic qualities of “I Am Come” .
SLOMATICS Estron CD $4. Total bogsnot knuckle-drag doom metal. Perfectly in my wheelhouse but somehow not really memorable
FALL - Seminal Live CD €3.00. of course, God. Kurious Oranji for the win
FOLK IMPLOSION - One Part Lullaby CD €3.00 dance music drums are a no. Sounds like one of those “chill” snowboarding videos. Fuck this shit.
THE BAND - Best Of CD €2.50 my Band lp’s are so crusty and crackly thought I better see what the songs actually sounded like. Turns out, on CD, they’re totally compressed soulless garbage. Back to the rusty lp’s
SENSE FIELD - Tonight And Forever CD €4.00. always have time for these emo sooks but stretching it here. Back to “Building” lp
MULE - If I Don't Six CD €3.00 90’s reacquisition, wasn’t entirely rooting it then. still not
CONAN live at roadburn CD $5 boring swamp doom munt from hell, love it
PART CHIMP Chart Pimp CD €4.00 Iron Pond for the win, Tortal Desutruktionne


Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
I've had a busy year, and finally got around to picking up some things I should've bought years ago...

SPARKS - Kimono My House
SUICIDE - Suicide (yeah yeah, why did I only just pick this up...)
BAD BRAINS - Bad Brains
BIG BLACK - Songs About Fucking
ROLLING STONES - Exile on Main St
NEIL YOUNG - After The Gold Rush
TALKING HEADS - The Name of This Band is Talking Heads
SIR RICHARD BISHOP - Tangier Sessions
RICK JAMES - Street Songs
PERE UBU - The Modern Dance
MILES DAVIS - On The Corner (again, I didn't have this? wtf?)
ROY AYERS - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
WILLIAM ONYEABOR - Who Is William Onyeabor?
POREST - Modern Journal of Popular Savagery
THUNDERCAT - The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam
BETTY DAVIS - They Say I'm Different
JIM O'ROURKE - Simple Songs

I'm certain there's more but I'm too hungover right now to remember.........

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)

SPARKS - Kimono My House
weird, I only like the 80's period of this band (Angst in my pants) and couldnt connect at all with those first 70's lps
SUICIDE - Suicide (yeah yeah, why did I only just pick this up.)
took me a while to come around to the casiotone blip blip thing but oh God Frankie Teardrop
BAD BRAINS - Bad Brains
thrashed to deth. burned out
new to this LP. rooting it.
BIG BLACK - Songs About Fucking
had this on tape and LP since it came out. Still, after all the years, the best way to clear a room of unwanted guests.

ROLLING STONES - Exile on Main St
had a zillion copies of this but mustve burnt out on it in teen years. cant stand it now. Still, first consciousness is so strong I'll probably buy it again.
TALKING HEADS - The Name of This Band is Talking Heads
idiotaclly sold this superb 2xLP even though its my 3rd favourite TH release (after Remain in Light then Fear of Music. MORAN.)
PERE UBU - The Modern Dance
rooted this one for a long time and still have it but weirdly the vocal inflections gradually turned me off the band completely. Oddly, still the LOUDEST live band I have ever seen.

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
A couple of bargains in there, but mostly reissues.......

I've had some money to burn after a couple of years of tight savings.


James Horwill (77)
Staff member
Crucial binscabbing update

AFGHAN WHIGS gentleman 12 100 yen. Always a yes these pricks


DINOSAUR JR quest 7 450 yen. awesome

MARK LANEGAN no bells LP 100 yen 700 yen
MARK LANEGAN BAND bubblegum CD this guy has been either a huge yes or a huge no for me. These two, the latter.

That Afghan Whigs album is great. Certainly their best.

Most Dinosaur Jr albums are great. J Macsis is an amazing musician.

Mark Lanegan made an album a few years ago with the main guy from Afghan Whigs, Greg Dulli. They were called Gutter Twins and the album was Saturnalia. It was pretty decent.

The Honey Badger

Jim Lenehan (48)
Some might think this is a worse use of thread space.

I recently watched the movie Hell or High Water staring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster.

Best movie I have seen in years. It also has an amazing sound track. I ordered in from Sanity and just keep playing it. So dam good.

Got a strong country feel, bit dirgey in places but all quality. There is a lot of Nick Cave instrumental in between the tracks that is mood music for the movie, some of that is out there. But the tracks all Gold.

Here's one from YouTube with movie footage. Recommend the movie if you haven't seen it. Was on Big pond a few weeks ago.

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