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New Zealand v Australia - Auckland - 23 August 2014

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AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) looking broken. Palu body checked him...

Train Without a Station

I thought you had to land in play if you do that. He technically played the ball in touch

Oh I'm not disputing. I'm just saying we gave them the opportunity for a call to go against us.
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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Dear oh dear. Shouldn't have drawn with them last week.

They have been practicing to get gooder. We don't appear to have done any preparation whatsoever.


Peter Sullivan (51)
In between watching this & playing the horror demo game "P.T." on the PlayStation 4. Its a real battle working out which is more likely to give me nightmares tonight.

Can't wait for the post match explanation on this train wreck.


Alfred Walker (16)
This is one of the worst Wallaby performances since the last time we played the All Blacks at Eden Park.

That also means the Bledisloe gone for another year. And almost certainly next year (2 games in a World Cup year) and the year after (2 games in New Zealand).

That's like what, 15 years consecutively? Unacceptable.
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