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NRC Round 4 Stars v Vikings Sept. 20 2014


Andrew Slack (58)
Both Vikings hookers out of action: "We'll play out the game without a hooker both Doyle and Lam out, Penders in from prop"


Andrew Slack (58)
Wow! Stars get on the board. They levelled this match up several times - and none more important than after the hooter.



Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Agree with qwerty. Vikings were one of the title contenders at the start of the season. No one expected the Stars in particular, and few the Rams, to do much.

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
No doubt the Vikings have been disappointing, but most disappointing? That's a pretty subjective opinion...........

What concerns me most is the fact that they're running out with a significantly different lineup each match which can't be good for consistency.............

I'm curious as to how Cree/Smiler went as a lock pairing, because that's a pretty lightweight second row consisting of two backrowers with Staniforth and Arnold on the bench..............

Their other main issue is the score a try/let in a try game they're playing...........


Mark Ella (57)
Most team expected them to walk it. So in that sense they have been average and they also haven't put a team away yet either. Like smashed them.