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Tip the 2017 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

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One eyed pirate

Ward Prentice (10)
The trials have produced such mixed results. Seems that any team can Winn in their day. Bring on the comp! Albeit the shortest comp in history.

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
More results from Stanmore

13A - New def Shore @36-14 (match shortened due to injury)
13B - Shore def New 50-5
13C - Shore def New 29-12
13D - Shore def New 19-12
13E - New def Shore by a big score

14s played at Northbridge

15A - New def Shore 54-0
15 B and 15C both won by New, but were much closer

16A New def Shore 36-12
Unsure of other results in this age group - I was told one was a draw and the other a win to New

3rds New def Shore 29-12 (Shore 4ths **another annoying permutation of the 2017 format as Shore 3rds played High and New not in 3rds comp)

2nds New def Shore 40-15

1sts Shore def New 39-36

both 1sts and 2nds were highly entertaining matches. 2nds was close in the first half, but New ran away with it in the 2nd.

In the firsts 1sts it was 6 tries apiece, with a Shore penalty goal the difference.

I thought that Shore played a very high speed and skilful game and although the lead changed a number of times during the match, Shore always seemed headed for a win. To their credit, New came back in the last 10 minutes and scored 2 rather messy, pick and go style tries. The almost scored a third, but were held up over the line - after which the referee blew full time.

Well done to Shore, I tend to think it might have been an injustice had they lost in the final minute.

Jim Belshaw

Bob Loudon (25)
More results from Stanmore

3rds New def Shore 29-12 (Shore 4ths **another annoying permutation of the 2017 format as Shore 3rds played High and New not in 3rds comp)


Very nice summary QH, of the total results. While I don't generally comment on the 1/2s, its shaping as an interesting comp. Pity its not longer.

Well done New. You would have been really competitive if last year's format was in place.


Stan Wickham (3)
Tips for the final pre season round.

Scots to defeat Kings in a relatively tight contest, with Scots backs proving too big and fast.

Joeys to beat Knox by a similar margin to last year.

Waverley to narrowly beat Riverview, with the Bell/Donaldson/Hardaker combo to prove the difference, despite Waverley fielding a fragile scrimmaging unit

Newington to demolish Shore, and make up for a patchy previous outing

Is Knox likely to match Joeys in any other A fixtures?

So everyone that were favorites this weekend lost? except Joeys. Interesting


Frank Nicholson (4)
Thats a big change over a week for view
It was a tight and sometimes scrappy game with both teams showing so real flair. View defense was rock solid this week and the biggest difference compared to previous two weekends. The Waverly forwards were superior at the set peices but View forwards had them at the breakdown and worked very hard in defense. Waverley backline looked out of sorts and View had them troubled all afternoon out wide. Matt Dutallis scored a hatrick of tries and the new backline looks promising. Hoping View can progress from here. If they do I suspect they will a genuine threat come July.

Black & White

Vay Wilson (31)
Shore 39-36 Newington 36
This was a win that Shore Rugby needed

It was a win GPS Rugby needed

Nevertheless, Newington played very ordinary rugby in the first half and the 1st part of the second half. Credit to Shore who capitalised on numerous Newinton mistakes, Particularly failing to secure lose ball behind their own try line. In both cases a Shore player was able to get his hand on the ball. Tackling and defence allowed Shore to run the ball wide too often. Poor passing resulted in a incept try.

Newington certainly could have won the match had a try not been disallowed, but there the breaks and we must learn to live with them.

Hopefully, Shore can go away from this match with a mind set that they are no longer the accepted perennial underdogs. They are a better side than View. And I suspect they will continue to improve and who knows may topple say Scots. For Newington, a lot of soul searching and the realisation that they may only be good enough for a 3rd place, if that after Scots & Kings.

But not all is lost, other results for Newington teams were very impressive to say the least.:-

2nd XV NC 40 Beat Shore 15

16As NC 36 beat Shore 12
15As NC 54 beat Shore 0
14As NC 24 beat Shore 22
13As NC 36 beat Shore 14

I didn't include 3rds and 4th results as Newington were playing down a team
these too were won by New.

So well done Shore, I suspect and their will other wins and upsets to follow by this team. Just not against Newington


Alfred Walker (16)
An interesting afternoon at North Parramatta.
Kings by 31-28 in a seesawing tussle.
Congratulations to the Kings boys.
Not a lot between the teams though, the difference....probably the fact that Kings made fewer mistakes. Scots their own worst enemy again.
Scots started off with a couple of howlers allowing Kings to score 2 tries and lead by 17-0 after only 20 minutes. It was always a long way back for Scots from there.
The referee certainly made his mark, penalties galore and 2 red cards. The Kings 2nd rower unfortunate to get his marching orders for lifting that only the touch judge seemed to notice.
With the closeness of this game and other GPS results I'm not sure that any team can claim favouritism for the title.
Before the weekend it was looking like a 4 way match up between Kings, Joeys, New and Scots.
Excellent wins to both Shore and View throw the whole competition open.
The team that wins from here will be the one that has fewest injuries, makes fewest mistakes and has lady luck on their side.
It's going to be a tipsters nightmare.
Bring it on!

Jim Belshaw

Bob Loudon (25)
Grammar played out of their skin today it was great to watch.

Meanwhile High beat Shore by about two tries.

Bloody hell, Huly. i'm running round the kitchen like a mad Dervish. Go High! Yeah!!!! :) So High ends the first round in equal first.

Given the pre-seasons, i knew Grammar must have really performed. Any Chance of a match report?
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