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The Ghost of Raelene

Steve Williams (59)
Thanks Joker.

Appreciate the time you take to create the tables and herd the cats for tipping. Would be a nice concept for the GPS to pick up for all teams. Clubs are able to do it through fuse sport. Help get some buy in from more boys. Not like they don’t know how they are going already.

The Ghost of Raelene

Steve Williams (59)
My dribble 2023 opinion in order of table

Undoubtedly the best team all year. Can be hard to produce all year when you are expected to put away teams in one of the best school boy comps you’ll find. We have all been critical of not seeing a full game performance but I now think it’s more of a case that they never needed to. There are a few guys in that backline we will be hearing their names for years to come.

St Ignatius
Outperformed pre season expectations and all involved should be proud of their efforts. Throughout the program there is a huge buy in and I hope to see it continue to develop. Played as a true team and some of their long range tries were a treat to watch.

An exciting young team with talent to burn. We’re outplayed in the tight at times but that happens to younger teams. They’ll be better for it and go in next year as favourites in my opinion.

The year of the Draw. Not a bad team with plenty of young players to be positive about. Best set piece in the comp but leaked too many points through the backs. Went 0/4 v 1st & 2nd so nothing to complain about. Finished the year stronger than it started.

Constant improvers. Probably fair to say they were carried by a couple of very good players. As we’ve heard they easily could have finished with 4/5 wins but the signs are there that they aren’t a walk through anymore.

Hmmm not the players I’d be critical of here. Have both forwards and backs who are up there with the best players in the comp and some will be back next season. If they can get the little team things right they can beat anyone on their day.
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