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Peter Sullivan (51)
Tips please

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Try to withhold the Oldboy urge to act like a schoolboy. I understand I have a low status, but Let's focus on what this forum is all about. Cheers.



Ward Prentice (10)
Agreed, Jumping is always a secondary consideration in the selection of these teams.
Blue and White had all the line-out captains from each school last year. Anyway all the boys will say they can jump, they are being coached by other schools' coaches, would be a rookie error to tell another teams coach you can't jump, won't name names but someone said they couldn't last year, then the following game it put a whole lot more pressure on that schools' lineout.

The Soaring Eagle

Allen Oxlade (6)
if we don’t pull our heads in, the forum will get locked. So I have an actual question. How many yr 11s are in the joeys 1st XV side? And how many of them are in the Gen Blue side. Or has that not yet been decided. Just curious, Cheers
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Salads, what boys do you really respect in the comp?
connor dempsey is a young man who I respect greatly.

His ability to get out every knot in my back after slaving away in his masseuse apprenticeship for the past 2 yrs is second to none. I've never felt a bloke with such soft and meticulous hands

Moreover, I'm sure that myself and all kings boys alike shed a tear from our eye when the the name Jeremy Montgomery is mentioned and is lasting effect that touches Kings to this day #neverforgotten

The Soaring Eagle

Allen Oxlade (6)
Let's be honest now and keep integrity in the chat. If New can't overcome Joeys this weekend, despite all the boys or should I say schoolboy banter, it's another one for the cerise and blue.

They will be prominent in GPS teams.
Couldn't agree more. Joey's have been an exceptionally dominant team except for Kings and St Ignatius. It could come to be a close game, but it truly is Newingtons last chance to have a crack for the GPS premiership. But regardless Joeys are quite frankly the best rugby school Australia has ever seen. And if any team is able to beat a Joey's 1st XV team, they should wear it like a crown. Cheers.


Frank Nicholson (4)
My GPS 1st XV (Copped some heat last time)

1. Lavercombe (K)
2. Warner (E)
3. Osborne (I)
4. Graham (I)
5. Greer (J)
6. Brial (S)
7. Logan (J)
8. Fonua (K)
9. Grover (I)
10. Rodwell (N)
11. Makasini (N)
12. Gough (J)
13. Tombs (J)
14. Hartman (I)
15. Callaghan (E)

(This team won't get picked purely because of the selector bias)
Bolters - Grantham (N) @15, Nicholas (K) @3

Where's the beef

Herbert Moran (7)
I think that many of the comments made here are reflective of the close nature of the competition. Many boys can stake claims in many positions. For me there are few standouts. For example, I saw a Joeys side completely destroy a vaunted scots forward pack, only to be outpointed by a view forwardpack last week. For me whether the view lock is picked or the joeys lock (greer) is picked they both had excellent games last saturday.

I am somewhat surprised by the pressence of view in the GPS backline. Defencively they are very good, but in attack, the for and against speaks.

The Soaring Eagle

Allen Oxlade (6)
New day, new opportunities.
My predicted or preferred, 1st XV GPS forward pack.

1. Lavercombe (K)
2. Warner (E)
3. Harvison (E)
4. Fonua (K)
5. Arthur Greer (J)
6. Johannes Logan (J)
7. Marshall Le Maitre (E)
8. Taumoepeau (J)

I believe Fonua at 4 is better, so Taumoepeau can go in at 8. Just a thought. Feedback would be appreciated. Cheers.


Larry Dwyer (12)
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TIPS please.
We have 12 left to get them in.

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Hope your well joker, my tips for the upcoming weekend go as the following;
Joeys V Newington - Newington 3 on the trot don't think they will be beaten, Newington +3
Shore V View - After a close loss on the buzzer, looking at Shore to be firing.
Shore +7
Kings V Scots - Coming off a close loss to Shore last weekend, Scots will be hungry. But the men from Parramatta will get the job done.
Kings +5