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NSW AAGPS Rugby 2016

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Not in straight

Vay Wilson (31)

Tipping Final.jpg

Not in straight

Vay Wilson (31)
Tipping Full Table

Full table attached

Well done to Booind. You got to the front and stayed there.

For some reason the Scots supporters are all at the top of the table, must be on Tipping Roids.

R10 had 3 perfect rounds from, Rugby Mum 2, Gilly & Azzuri. Don't think any other round anyone picked a perfect round.

NIS very happy to get to 3 figures. (only just)

Hugh's trusty 2 bob didn't quite come last, helped by the No Tipsters who dropped out.

Booind, a prize will be coming your way, care of the good and generous folk at Green & Gold.

(Moderators, can you please shot a bonus 100 points to Booind, thanking you)


  • GPS 1st tipping rd 10 final.pdf
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Bill Watson (15)
Well done NIS! Grand job.
Congrats to Booind. Expect that the burden of your win will be the weight of expectations from the cheap seats on your commentary / views going into the 2017 comp!
Well done all ye' Scots supporters, gathering there 'up the front'! :)
And congrats in particular to Rugby Mum 2, doing a "Chloe" (Esposito) jagging the perfect final round; flying home from 5th into the Silver medal spot. Good work indeed!

Rugby Mum 2

Bill Watson (15)
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my family for their support ( and who all hate G&G) and all of you jokers here on this forum for making it a little bit of light hearted fun in an otherwise too PC world. Next year I vow to come back and take Gold.

Thanks NIS for arduous task of updating the tipping table.

Go Joeys!


Bob McCowan (2)
Congrats booind! Well deserved mate, you took some gambles and my god it paid off. Stellar effort hombre, stellar effort.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Congrats booind! Well deserved mate, you took some gambles and my god it paid off. Stellar effort hombre, stellar effort.

Thank you everyone for the congratulations. Some of my risky tips paid off in the end. Want to thank everyone else for competing in, what was, a stellar season of rugby filled with thrills and spills.

The Honey Badger

Jim Lenehan (48)
Kings 2016 First XV highlights

Luke Osborne is in special form with the Schoolboys. Expect him to play a big role on Saturday, along with other GPS boys.

Waiting for the side to be named, but Helu, Mctaggart, Yirribi, Wilkinson, Suttor as well as Osborne all AAGPS boys. Hopefully they all get named for a run. But if they don't they have done well to get this far. All have taken their chances and played well in the games so far.

Game can be watched live on Fox channel 507, I am told on the Schoolboys thread. Should be on around 1:00 pm AUS time.


Colin Windon (37)
Just saw the highlights of the Newington boy who's apparently the next Israel Folau.

Amazed that he didn't make the AAGPS Team of the Season! He looked an incredible talent.
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