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NSW teams 2018

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Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Look, my friend, it is the job of every rugby supporter and player in the state to lift their game, and work together.

It would not matter who the top dog is if the pack is only interested in fighting each other.


Ron Walden (29)
So we cut the number of NSW teams down to 2 , the standard needs to lift they say. We allocate control and responsibility to NSW Rugby as a further means of improving performance.
The result, the NSW teams finish last and second last. The 2nd tier players bugger off - ITM Cup, etc, anywhere but here.
My points -
removing the 2 teams didnt lift the standard. It actually drove players away and reduced the player pool.
Allowing NSW Rugby/Waratahs to control the 2 teams has failed if results are anything to go bye.


David Wilson (68)
I don't think Hore is doing a bad job, considering the fuckwitted shit-show he's been saddled with. Look at the rubbish infighting created by a bunch of dipshits who can't even organise a single schools competition to broaden the base of the pyramid.

Sure, dropping the Rams has achived precisely the opposite of what they said it would, but that is to ignore the fact that most of the people in positions of power in NSW come from a system where who you know means more than your actual ability, and there are an endless lineup of poor shunts at the coalface on whom to blame your failings.


Simon Poidevin (60)

Hopefully part of that review will be on how to drive more interest from right across the Rugby playing community in NSW. Not just from those within the Shute structures but subbies and juniors alike. Reaching out to the clubs and working with them to get as many people as possible to the games. these are all just as important in my opinion as sorting out the on field issues.
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