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Penrith Emus

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Ron Walden (29)
This from RugbyNews.....A good news story - keep it going Emus!

2015-03-31 11_39_25-Rugby News (@RugbyNews1) _ Twitter.png


Fred Wood (13)
Was speaking to someone from Penrith on the weekend , at Fishers Ghosts Sevens who was saying Emu really benefiting from the input of Jeremy Paul,

Good to hear.

Going to catch up for a beer when Two Blues play Emus. Now that's Club Rugby.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
Use this thread in future gkd please.

So with the impressive Julian Huxley as head coach in 2017 there is new hope.
The word is big changes are happening and with Scott Podmore helping out and input from a senior coach at another club things might be very different in 2017

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
By all accounts Huxley is a really nice guy whose heart's in the right place, but I suggest the Emus need a lot more than just another new coach to be competitive. I really hope I'm proved wrong, but I doubt it.

John S

Chilla Wilson (44)
They came close to winning three games in 2017. I thought this season may have been the start of a turn-around for the Emus! Here's hoping for a good 2018 season!

Eyes and Ears

Bob Davidson (42)
Penrith always do better in the 2nd year of their coaches. Unfortunately Jeremy Paul didn’t stick around. Is Huxley going to stay or will he be tempted by the available Norths coaching role?

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John S

Chilla Wilson (44)
Around the end of the season, there were rumours floating around that he was leaving. Hux put them down, and said that he was staying at Penrith. That's the last I heard, and that was on Hawkesbury Radio when they were having a chat during a stoppage in the game they were calling. (Maybe back in July/early August)
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