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QLD GPS Rugby 2018


Alex Ross (28)
Exactly. But I rate them with Parata first and foremost by a country mile.

I believe the influence he has was shown last year when he was injured v IGS. When he came off the whole composure of the eventual Premiers changed and they were beaten by a bottom of the table team.

Those 3 10s are going to get plenty of attention every week - it will be some teams undoing but there’s a good chance one of them at the least will sport an injury at some stage for a key game which could open things up.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Dark Shark, with reference to TSS v IGS last year; TSS were unable to replace CP with another 10 because TW had played a full 2nds game, and half back SJ was sin binned. Despite this the potential winning try by 8 (RG) was ruled held up. Ippy played well ; TSS didn't unravel. Having said that SJ and C P look a classy combo for this year.


Chris McKivat (8)
FirstXV team list

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Allen Oxlade (6)
1st XV IGS 29 v BGS 26
2nd XV IGS 19 v BGS 17
BGS came from the clouds in the last 5 mins in both games to nearly steal them.


Billy Sheehan (19)
BBC won 13 A ,14A ,15 A ,16A by 35, 2nds by 20 .
GT firsts very courageous.never stopped .BBC 11,14,15 scored all the tries= very fast .


Alex Ross (28)
BBC won 13 A ,14A ,15 A ,16A by 35, 2nds by 20 .
GT firsts very courageous.never stopped .BBC 11,14,15 scored all the tries= very fast .

GT firsts had very little possession for for 50 minutes and when they did the game changed.

BBC forwards a lot better than I would have thought and the backs are very talented but playing too flat and throwing wild passes that TSS and NC will convert to tries.

GT will do very well this year good team and we’re right in it until the last minute.

BBC poised for 3rd place - TSS n NC forwards will challenge them - their line out throws and jumps however were first class!!!


Tim Horan (67)
Well as I said the other day in here ,have decided to follow GPS rugby for the year, and picked (without knowing anything) TSS as the team to follow. By geez what a bloody good game , and a good team. Don't really know any players but some to stand out for me in a very good team were the No 9, probably the best pass I have seen on young fella for a long time, No 10 looked a good balanced player and can certainly kick, No 12 played the real 2nd 5 game , very bloody good. Rest of backline was good too, and the forwards were all pretty good with No 8 looking very impressive, if I had one very small criticism of them was a couple of times the props were seeming to clog up the background a little.
All in all very good and I will certainly be there the rest of year!

Mr Tank

Herbert Moran (7)
Year 11 Terrace boy in hospital with neck and spinal cord injuries. Follows on from 2 TGS boys having spinal injuries in the pre-season.

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Sydney Middleton (9)
As I understand it, it’s still unknown how badly the boy from Terrace has been injured. I’m told he’s in an induced coma and they won’t know the damage for sometime. I can only imagine the distress on his family and mates. Really do hope he comes through.