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QLD GPS Rugby 2020


Peter Burge (5)
Does anyone know if the restrictions announced for the Gold Coast will affect this weekend's games?


I’m pretty sure it’s still going ahead because the GPS schools have a COVID plan for these matches.
Does anybody know if fifita is playing this weekend? Or have a line up for TSS or BBC?


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The Southport School team to be advised
Brisbane Boy’s College First XV
1. Andrew Romano​
2. Harvey Guest​
3. Carl Hansen​
4. Hugo Perceval​
5. Oliver Milne​
6. Dimitrius Williams​
7. Zac Hough​
8. Thomas Wheen​
9. Peron Faimalo​
10. Mason Gordon​
11. Jarrod Homan​
12. Harry McLaughlin-Phillips​
13. Jack Howarth​
14. Lachlan Rubens​
15. Taj Annan​


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Brisbane Grammar School First XV
1. Titan Vaikai​
2. Will Hay ©​
3. Tom Sullivan​
4. Will Petersen​
5. Kipp Thrupp​
6. Sieg Mackellar​
7. Judah Grubi​
8. JT Manuofetoa​
9. Tom Cox​
10. Kruz Rimene​
11. Harry Logan​
12. Campbell Watchirs​
13. Jackson Barling​
14. Xavier Asi​
15. Val Jara Melagrani​
Gregory Terrace First XV
1. Lachlan Bishop​
2. Rory Slevin​
3. Noah Stevens​
4. Angus Munn​
5. Xavier Boyle​
6. Aidan Chambers​
7. Jeremiah Woodward​
8. Fergus Nasser​
9. Henry Davis (C)​
10. Riley Lee​
11. Josiah Harrison-Leaunoa​
12. Devin Pule’anga​
13. Jono van Aswegen​
14. Campbell King​
15. Dave Vaihu​


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Brisbane State High School team to be advised.
Toowoomba Grammar School First XV
1. Charlie Wigan​
2. Hunter Hamblin​
3. Tane Pardoe​
4. Zac Reddan​
5. Cooper Bridgeman​
6. George Wunsch (vc)​
7. Hugh Andreas​
8. Hamish Muller (C)​
9. Wilson Cochrane​
10. Sebastian Sialau​
11. Nick Cave​
12. Matthew Wilson​
13. Joseph Currie​
14. William Johnston​
15. Morris Clementson​


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
ACGS Team to be advised
Ipswich Grammar School First XV
1. Dante Fruean​
2. Saipele Tamilo​
3. Winiata Heemi​
4. Orlando Swain​
5. Nat Fox​
6. Leandro Tupi​
7. Nik Mitchell​
8. Xavier Stowers​
9. Braydon O’Sullivan​
10. Zac Alley​
11. Malique Douthat-Sjoberg​
12. Jed Bignell​
13. Ethan King​
14. Luke Dixon​
15. Seamus King-Smith (c)​

Les Patterson

Chris McKivat (8)
The Southport School team to be advised

Brisbane Boy’s College First XV

1. Andrew Romano

2. Harvey Guest

3. Carl Hansen

4. Hugo Perceval

5. Oliver Milne

6. Dimitrius Williams

7. Zac Hough

8. Thomas Wheen

9. Peron Faimalo

10. Mason Gordon

11. Jarrod Homan

12. Harry McLaughlin-Phillips

13. Jack Howarth

14. Lachlan Rubens

15. Taj Annan

It seems like Doubletake are broadcasting the Terrace v BGS game and the Churchie v IGS game but not the TSS v BBC game today? Has anyone got any info regarding this?

3rdXV Casual

Frank Nicholson (4)
Fulltime Scores:
GT 38 d BGS 19
ACGS 36 d IGS 17
BBC 45 d TSS 6
TGS 31 d BSHS ?

Can't seem to find an accurate score for that last game yet.


Cyril Towers (30)
BBC 45 demolished TSS 6
Record win. One hand on the trophy.
Congrats BBC coaching staff.
Best players BBC were #1, #7, #10, #13, #15.

Seriously every individual in that BBC side dominated their opposite number - and they found a kicker to boot!!!


Allen Oxlade (6)
Big game BBC v Nudgee coming up. Real shame for BBC that no crowds are allowed this year. That was set for round 9 at home on Miskin on old boys day. Would have been huge. Feel sorry for all the year 12’s this year.


Frank Row (1)
I think it is set in stone

BBC #13 - howarth best player in the GPS comp
BBC#7 - Hough is the best and most dynamic forward in the GPS for a second year in a row