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QLD GPS Rugby 2021


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Marist had 4 in 92 (Morgan and Herbert Snr from the bench with Eales and ASY (Angus Scott-Young) starting) and 94 (Eales, Morgan and Howard starting with Herbert Jnr on the bench).

As above, for Nudgee 1981 v France Loane, McLean, Hall and Darcy all played together.

Terrace had 4 during a RWC1987 Pool match with Noddy, Cook, McBain and Campbell

Best so far (in Australia) is TSS a couple of times with 5. 2012 for example with Morohan, Higgers, Simmo, Sharpe and Slipper

Dean Moriarty

Billy Sheehan (19)
^ Those that have been able to have trios on the field is pretty impressive let alone 4 ....and then 5.

BGS and BSHS have probably comes close to a trio on a couple of occasions - especially late 70's / early 80's

That foursome for Nudgee in 81.... Ross Hanley also played Test Match Rugby around that time and they must have gone close to a 5'r

Schools aside ....and just looking beyond GPS at the old TAS (before AIC) and those Wallaby teams from the mid to late 90's with guys like Dan Crowley, Fletcher Dyson , John Eales , David Giffin , Mark Connors , the Herberts, Damian Smith . That too was pretty impressive (in coming from "School Conference" or a certain neck of the woods)