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QLD Premier Rugby 2015

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Nev Cottrell (35)
I'll be very disappointed if we lose Smith to the Filth.

The last long term halfback at the Filth - Dave Campbell - was also a Bulldog product.

If you put Greene and Smith together in the halves at Sylvan Rd next year you would have a serious top 4 contender.

I hope in the renovations of Sylvan Road that they don't forget to upgrade the playing surface.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Deserves to be mentioned here:

The Bond University Queensland Country side has been named for their clash against the New South Wales Country Eagles in Newcastle, this Thursday night

The side features a number of changes from the team that faced Perth Spirit in Rockhampton, including the new centre pairing of Lagi Setu and Tyrone Lefau.


Great news about Tyrone.

I agree I don't think the Wests forwards where the most dominate in the competition but I think they where up there with one of the best scrums which I think at least one of their front rowers should have at least got a look in. Our scrum was by far one of the worst this year and we had both our props make it so not sure how it works.

I have seen highlights of one of the Wests props on the QLD Tonga facebook page and I think he wouldn't look out of place in the NRC.

But end of the day they need to put some more wins on the board next season.

I was wondering the same thing about the Wests props, i thought their scrum was awesome.
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