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Qld Premier Rugby 2022


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Souths leading GPS 13-7 at half time, an upset by Souths would be big for top 4 calculations coming into the final round, particularly if they can deny GPS a bonus point.


Tony Shaw (54)
It’s a cheese tsunami down at Norths, another Wests player carded. Not sure what for - Norths scored on a future play and the ref went back and carded another player for the infringement, and also ruled a try?


Phil Kearns (64)
Gee what happened to Sunnybank, the club earns tens of millions in pokies revenue each year with a fair chunk given to the rugby club to invest in coaching and academy setup. What went wrong?


Phil Kearns (64)
It’s a cheese tsunami down at Norths, another Wests player carded. Not sure what for - Norths scored on a future play and the ref went back and carded another player for the infringement, and also ruled a try?
No arms tackle and multiple infringements in red zone by the looks


Fred Wood (13)
Garbage yellow card against Souths right at the death there with the game in the balance. Astounding.
Technically correct decision as one leg went above horizontal, but harsh. Wouldn't have affected the outcome though given it was a winger and there wasn't going to be any wide play with a penalty then lineout-a-thon to wind out the game. Pretty poor display all round by both the players from both sides and the referee.


Alan Cameron (40)
Yeah Souths had heaps of chances to take it in the end but weren’t clinical enough. The dodgy card didn’t affect that.

HJ Nelson

Trevor Allan (34)
Staff member
Photos from Brothers v Bond yesterday



Tony Shaw (54)
Very interesting final round

Brothers would consider themselves a mathematical chance of making 2nd after seeing what UQ did to Sunnybank. I think they need to win by 75 points, crazy to think that would even be possible… of course it would also require GPS to beat UQ without a losing BP.

GPS task is easier, but still unlikely I reckon, beat UQ at Yoku by 17pts (with a bonus point) to take 2nd spot.

If UQ roll out a similar team to this weekend I think they’ll handle GPS easily. Will be interesting to see if the Wallabies guys get called back into camp/selected in the 23.

GPS would have been banking on a bonus point against South’s to make their life easier. Honestly both teams looked crap yesterday. Wests didn’t look too great either, no urgency.

UQ and Brothers definitely have the momentum leading into finals.

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
Wests will need to make a statement against Souths next weekend to regain some lost momentum form wise.

The GPS v UQ game could go either way , both teams wanting a top 2 finish.

Will be interesting to see how Sunnybank bounce back after yesterday’s embarrassment. All the scores bar 2nd Grade were blowouts , their only win came from the Prem Women.
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Tony Shaw (54)
Heenan will be loving the fact his side gets to play at a standing room only Yoku Rd, with finals implications on the line to finish the season.

A 100pt flogging against a bottom of the ladder team isn’t a great measuring stick for the finals. There was lots of one out running and blokes looking to get their name on the scorers list in the final 20mins.

A good hard slog at Yoku will have his guys ready to go.


Stan Wickham (3)
Surely the farce that existed across Premier Rugby yesterday is finally enough for the QRU to start actively working for Premier Rugby rather than against it (or apathetic to it at best). Sunnybank getting 100+ put on them by a UQ side so strong that they have a starting Reds player running around in Colts for UQ the same day with another contracted Reds player in UQ colts also (what a joke). UQ also taking on several of Rebels players (Jooste, Pincus, Fagaase, Ripley etc) while potential Qld players are pushed to the bench or reserve grade . Not too mention UQ and other stronger clubs recruiting the best players from lower ranked clubs as well (year after year). Then Wests being pumped up all season by Rebels players on fly in fly out arrangements which pushes Qld talent onto the bench or reserve grade impeding their growth. There is so much wrong with all this for Qld rugby. Why is the QRU not showing leadership and trying to share the talent around rugby clubs to promote a stronger club competition that then becomes worth more to sponsors and broadcasters? if the lower ranked rugby clubs programs aren't considered up to scratch then why doesn't the QRU offer to help improve them for all of Qld rugby rather than direct their players to the same 2 or 3 stronger clubs every year? often clubs that their very own employees have come from (conflict perhaps?) why are the QRU sitting idolly by while the Rebels use our club competition to benefit the Rebels while actively detracting from the Reds program as potential Reds players get pushed out of starting teams in QPR? Very frustrating to watch as a Qld rugby fan....