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Qld Premier Rugby 2022

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
No Carter Gordon for Wests this weekend, and maybe not for any of the finals. Martin Lippiatt on clubland has him with an ankle complaint.
Who’s available for the Wests v UQ game could well be the difference. Carter would likely unlock the talent Wests have out wide.

Likewise Jock will have a big impact for UQ if still available.


Who’s available for the Wests v UQ game could well be the difference. Carter would likely unlock the talent Wests have out wide.

Likewise Jock will have a big impact for UQ if still available.
As much as I want him in the wallabies, I don't think Rennie will move Hodge out after last weekend. So I am presuming he will be on fire for UQ all through the finals.


Campbell is a talent. Great to have him playing grade again but he will definitely get higher honours and would be an asset to the RWC squad in 2023.
Hopefully the Reds bolt the 15 jersey on him next year and give him every chance to be in France.


Peter Johnson (47)
Looking forward to seeing some lineups for the weekend.

anyone want to take a crack at the XVs for the weekend?


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The Queensland Rugby Union (QRU) has today announced a two-match series between a Queensland Reds Development team and a Queensland President’s XV to provide further development opportunities for elite, non-contracted players in Queensland.

The Queensland Rugby Challenger series, which will be held at club venues in October, will see contracted Reds players take on the best of the StoreLocal Hospital Cup competition, with the series culminating in a tour to Japan.

Queensland will take on their sister-state club the Saitama Panasonic Wild Knights on November 4 with spots in the travelling squad on offer following the two matches.

Reds General Manager of Professional Rugby Sam Cordingley said: “As a club, we are excited to travel to Japan and play our Japanese partner the Saitama Panasonic Wild Knights as part of our 2023 preparations.

“It was unfortunate we had to postpone last year’s match due to COVID-19, but we thank the Wild Knights for their continued support to ensure this historic fixture could still take place.

“Just like Queensland teams did in the 70’s and 80’s – the Reds will tour once again in the off-season, with our time in Japan set to provide a valuable development opportunity for our squad and Queensland’s best developing players ahead of next year’s Super Rugby Pacific season.

“Given the significance and history surrounding the event, this will be a capped fixture which will afford a number of Queensland’s best amateur players the opportunity to receive a Queensland Reds Cap and number.”

Saitama Panasonic Wild Knights General Manager Hitoshi Iijima said: “We are very pleased to have a world-class Rugby team the Queensland Reds from Queensland Australia, a twin city of Saitama Prefecture, to Kumagaya Rugby Stadium to play this fixture.

“We would like to deeply thank the Queensland Reds, for making the decision to travel to Japan despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, we give our deepest gratitude to Saitama Prefecture, Kumagaya City, and all those involved for their support and cooperation.

“We hope this match will lead not only to the growth of the Wild Knights, but also to further friendship between the two cities and development of Rugby in Japan.”

The Queensland Rugby Challenger series is set to provide prospective Super Rugby players with the chance to test their ability at a level between club and professional Rugby.

The series will also be used to trial several law variations to increase ball in play time and improve the spectacle for fans.

In a throwback to the amateur era, teams will come together following each match, with speeches from captains and coaches, and acknowledgements to match officials and players of the match.

Staff will also get opportunity to test themselves at the next level, with the President’s XV to be chosen purely from the Hospital Cup talent pool on and off the field.

Reds Super W Head Coach Simon Craig (Easts) will lead the President’s XV coaching team, supported by Elwee Prinsloo (Wests) and Elton Berrange (UQ).

Cordingley said: “The Queensland Rugby Challenger series will further increase our connection between the amateur and professional games in Queensland.

“We’ve had a development gap for too long compared with other Rugby nations. These matches will afford the Reds squad more playing time together while at the same time providing opportunities for our best amateur Queensland players and coaches to be involved in representative Rugby.

“This series will provide a platform for innovation, which is difficult to trial during Super Rugby, as well as bringing back some of the points of difference our great game has had.

"The Challenger Series and Japan Tour is a starting point which we will aim to grow in future years.”

The President’s XV side will be selected following the QPR finals series, with the StoreLocal Hospital Cup Grand Final taking place at Suncorp Stadium on Sunday 18 September.

The subsequent tour match against the Wild Knights will be the inaugural fixture between the sides following the announcement of their bilateral alliance partnership in 2020.

The connection between the two teams will be further highlighted during the tour when the Reds and Wild Knights celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first match against each other in the Saitama Prefecture. The teams will play for the Saitama-Queensland Shield, named in honour of the relationship between the two sister-states.

In 1991, a Queensland touring team captained by Michael Lynagh that included names like Tim Horan, Jason Little, John Eales, Brendan Nasser (father of current Reds frontrower Josh), plus Paul Carozza (current Reds Academy Head of Talent Identification) and their physiotherapist Cameron Lillicrap (current Reds Assistant coach) took on a Saitama XV side which featured the Wild Knights’ General Manager Hitoshi Iijima.

The Queensland Reds and Saitama Panasonic Wild Knights will continue to work proactively together to promote and contribute to the development of each team and region in both Queensland and Saitama Prefecture before-and-after November’s historic match.

It follows Panasonic shifting their home base to Saitama Prefecture located in the Greater Tokyo Area which shares a sister-state relationship with Queensland.

Saitama Prefecture was Queensland’s first sister-state relationship formed in 1984 and remains one of the most active among the many currently still operating between the two countries.

Queensland Rugby Challenger Series

Queensland Reds Development XV v Queensland President’s XV
  • Saturday 8 October, Location TBC
  • Saturday 15 October, Location TBC
Queensland Reds Japan Tour
  • Queensland Reds v Saitama Panasonic Wild Knights – Friday November 4th, Kumagaya Rugby Stadium

Bumble B

Stan Wickham (3)
Best four teams playing in the semis this weekend no doubt. Weather might be a factor in results as Saturday is forecast with 90% chance of rain and pretty windy on Sunday.

Great match ups all over but looking at the teams it will be the performances of the 9's and 10's that for me looks very interesting.
Some experiences blended with youth all around.
Tuttle and Tela vs Christian and O'Connor
Sorovi and Gordon vs Thomas and Jooste


Peter Johnson (47)
James Tuttle is playing this weekend? Did he have any QPR matches this year.

coming in cold, with limited match fitness… could be rocks or diamonds move for the gallopers


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The last QPR Team of the Week is from from the QRU so I've added up the number of selections per position and come up with the Team of the Year.

1. Emosi Tuqiri (GPS)
2. George Blake (BON)
3. Rhys van Nek (Easts)
4. Dan Byrne (GPS)
5. Angleo Smith (Wests)
6. Connor Anderson (Wests)
7. Connor Pritchard (Bond)
8. Josh Fenner (Sunnybank)
9. Eli Pilz (Easts)
10. Taylor Adams (Brothers)
11. Kye Oates (QLD Uni)
12. TJ Siakisini (QLD Uni)
13. Matt Skipworth-Garland (Easts)
14. Ilikena Vudogo (Wests)
15. Mac Grealy (QLD Uni)

- Anderson, Mitchell, Maiava and Connolly all finished equal top of BSF but Anderson gets the not because he also picked up spots at openside and No 8.
- Oates and Bulley finished same spot at equal 2nd for the wing, but Oates gets the spot as he also got selected at fullback during the season.
- Grealy finished equal with Nicholson at fullback but gets the spot because he also go a spot at wing during the season.
- hooker the hottest competition with Dobbins, Brennan, Ma'afu, Asiata and Blake all getting a couple of votes each to finish equal top. As Blake got his two votes towards the end of the season (Rounds 14 and 15) I've gone with him as his 'form' is at the right time.
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Peter Johnson (47)
there’s a couple of already established players on that list but I wonder which uncontracted players will be playing elsewhere in 2023?

Surely there’s been more eyes on our comp with all the other super rugby franchises (Drua & rebels) setting up shop in QPR.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Congratulations to Simon Craig (Easts - Head Coach), Elwee Prinsloo (Wests - Assistant Coach) and Elton Berrange (UQ - Assistant Coach) who will lead the Queensland President’s XV in next month’s Queensland Rugby Challenger Series

@storelocalaus #HospitalCup #QLDPremierRugby #ClubRugby


Peter Johnson (47)
Is Connor Injured? He's played the house down all season.
Edit: No Harry Higgins either. Elwee must be playing games.

this is a regular wests tactic (which I don’t agree with) they must use place holders until they finalise their lineup

its unfair putting a name there who has no chance at game time because someone checking the app might prematurely congratulate said player when it was simply a administrative error.

Bumble B

Stan Wickham (3)
Good to see Twidale has recovered from that hit Kuridrani put on last week. He was taken off at the break for what I can only assume was due to concussion. Is there HIA in 1st grade rugby?


Good to see Twidale has recovered from that hit Kuridrani put on last week. He was taken off at the break for what I can only assume was due to concussion. Is there HIA in 1st grade rugby?
There are full Head Injury Protocols that are implemented and administered by RA.

They are stringent and based on player welfare as the first objective.

For Brad to be playing he must have passed all the assessments and benchmarks.

I know Heather Arthy wold not let him play if he wasn't 100% medically cleared.