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Rebels 2014

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daz As the numero uno Mitch Inman fanboi, your thoughts on him having a bash at 12 next year?

I'm just waiting for KRudd to legalise same-sex marriages so I can pop the question to Mitch. :p

I am not adverse to Inman playing 12, especially if English plays at 13. I assume Hegarty at 10.

Here's the problem; Mitch has really picked up the defensive part of his game in the back-end of this season. But given his size, in attack he struggles to bust a line in the finest traditions of a crash and bash 13, such as Mortlock. He also tends to run straight lines, which is good, but unfortunately his pace is not great.

2 tries in 2013 for a 13 is not great.

However, what Mitch does is provide very good linking support to the backs. Like AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) at the Tahs, his ability to straighten up the attack is excellent, which means he can make a few metres, draw the defenders, go to ground and give Stirzacker or Burgess the option for quick ball. As a 12, the added bonus to that would be that he would also release English and the wingers to attack in waves. English appears better at creating attack than Mitch.

In defense, he is also a very good counter-rucking player. So many times he gave Scott F and Jordy R a chance to get turnover ball.

My personal feeling is that he should continue at 13 for now (after all, it's not as if it is really broken) but if Hegarty can develop quickly, 12 might be an option.

EDIT: This is all hypothetical. To be fair, Sidey played a great second half of the season at 12. Both Mitch and Rory deserve to retain their spots going into 2014.


Correct me if I'm wrong daz but aren't they his only 2 tries?

SHHH! I was trying to be nice and not draw attention to that fact.

And I'll have you know scoring tries is pretty difficult. Have you scored any at Soup level? No? Well, don't be having a go at Mitch!

Hell. I need an intervention.


Arch Winning (36)
Seems a silly question, but is there any link available to see what other S15 players in Aus are off contract? for example, somebody like Ben Lucas would be a great fit for us in terms of backline cover across key positions we are lacking...


Bill McLean (32)
I can't find a link, but Luke Jones made the front section of the Herald Sun today along with a nice big colour photo - trying out as a runway model for Myer. According to the article he walks quite well for a beginner.


Geoff Shaw (53)
Seems a silly question, but is there any link available to see what other S15 players in Aus are off contract?

G&G used to run a wiki which had good information, though the quality was very inconsistent.

I don't think it still exists, maybe I missed a memo?

Grand Master Flash

Bob McCowan (2)
Bit disappointing to see another Victorian Boy back for super rugby and not on the Rebels books. Tahs have signed Tala Gray. Not sure he would have fitted into the rebels squad with Jordy, Fugs and Colby, but there should be more of an effort being made to get the local boys back.

Also are the Tahs going to have to release some of their signed players? Im sure they wont but maybe they should.

Noticed they not only will have foley, beale, volavola, maybe benji and have Jono Lance. Considering the ARU smoked us with foley this is crazy stock piling.

if I was vola, lance or foley i would be asking for a release if they get benji.


John Thornett (49)
the age also running a story


personally i hope he doesn't come to the rebels, lets build from within our own ranks and local talent
If he does come to Rugby he'll need a coach with experience in helping players make a successful transition. Someone such as Daryl Gibson. He has helped Folau at the Tahs and SBW at the Crusaders.
I don't think Benji is the right fit for the Rebels at this stage on their development.
Kirwan was a dual coder I think he''d be Benji's best bet.


Fred Wood (13)
Volavola is a hell of a talent, under utilized by Cheika this season after standing out in early games. Obviously he's contracted for next season, but if not beyond that he must be on the Rebels radar.


Will Genia (78)
Staff member
Volavola is a hell of a talent, under utilized by Cheika this season after standing out in early games. Obviously he's contracted for next season, but if not beyond that he must be on the Rebels radar.

Or just a promising player who got a few opportunities and did reasonably well in them but is far from a polished player.

His defence is poor and his decision making was found out a few times. Most notably in the only game he started all season against the Brumbies.

I think he played about as much Super Rugby this year as his case warranted. Other players were performing well and deserved to be picked.

He was only an EPS player in 2013. I'm guessing Cheika will want him to stay though and a full contract will be offered. That could change if Beale is signed and Marshall ends up at the Tahs. Considering Volavola can play at least two positions I'm guessing Cheika will find space for him in the squad for 2014.


Interesting development here. Apparently we are the dark horse to secure Benji. Raise your hands if you think we can spend the cash more wisely.

No to Benji at the Rebels, thank you very much.

That is all.


Dick Tooth (41)
Why on earth would we sign Benji? Makes absolutely zero sense for anyone.

As for Inman at 12... I think he gives us what we've been looking forward with Sidey. He shores up the inside channels on defence, straightens the attack and draws a couple of defenders pushing forwards. English has this uncanny ability to nearly always beat the first tackler, doesn't look like he should be able to but hey. It's a move that just makes sense to me - at least from an outside point of view. 12 has always been our weak spot, this would boost it majorly while getting more of our best players onto the park.


Peter Sullivan (51)
on a completely different note..
next year I want to see the rebels which are fit and not in the match day 22 actually playing for their nominated VRU sides each week. I know this has happened sometimes this year, Hegarty, Horie, Reid have been regulars but some of the clubs haven't seen their Rebels on match day at all. The logistical problems I can understand and also probably some players may need a stronger comp to further develop, but the Rebels board have to address this issue and enforce it
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