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Rebels 2019

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Jim Lenehan (48)
2 points points from the game as well.
Looking forward to the Tahs - rebels game. blockbuster!
Only 1 point from the game.

4 try bonus points haven’t been around for 2/3 years. Need to score 3 more try’s than the opposition to earn a try scoring bonus point


Jim Lenehan (48)
First loss but lots of positives. Good performance in a tough fixture. Season is young and lots to learn (mainly bloody discipline). Cut those penalties down and get more stability in the scrum and Rebels look the goods.

(Add To'omua in a couple months and that backline is sizzling).
Unless he gets an early release, To'omua will only be available for the last 2 games of the season


Geoff Shaw (53)
I thought there's dispensation for a player that's technically already been signed. Like they're not parachuting him in because of finals or injuries? Or am I imagining that.
I think a couple of seasons ago the Chiefs ran into trouble with a Ayer who was apart of NZ7S and did not qualify.

Pone's Mullet

Alex Ross (28)
If Koro went it’d open up opportunities for Tupou, who behind Petaia is probably the next best u21 outside back talent in the country. It also could open an opportunity for English or Hodge to perminately move to wing pushing Tuipulotu into calculation more often. It’s good alround.

Faulkner I believe is also up at seasons end, but the lack of LH outside Sa’aga might be wise to offer him another year, unless there is a quality reserve tighthead at another state in need of more game time than they are getting.

We are officially screwed if Quade were to leave. We have no fly half even close to Super quality beyond him.

We've got To'omua coming, yes a very different player....but he can tackle


Geoff Shaw (53)
Staff member
Best thing I've read all day...

WILL Genia is tipped to remain in Australian rugby despite links to Japan.

The Wallabies halfback is in demand with Top League clubs, but we understand that Genia prefers to stay here and is looking for a long-term contract.

With a young family, Genia wants to be settled.

There could be a situation where as part of a contract extension with Rugby Australia, Genia could play in the Top League for the 2020-21 season.

However, RA can’t get too complacent with negotiations, because Genia is in a commanding position.

Easily Australia’s best No.9, Genia is also a valuable commodity in experience.

Nick Phipps has already signed with English club London Irish after the World Cup, while sources suggest that former Wallabies halfback Nic White is set to extend his contract with Exeter.

That leaves the Wallabies massively exposed for experienced halfbacks; Jake Gordon and Joe Powell being the only realistic contenders for starting spot

Now, this is working under the WILD assumption that he will stick around in Melbourne. Given the HB stocks look rosy in QLD, he may choose to stay in Melbourne.

If that's the case, do you think Ruru/Goddard may head north to fill the spot vacated by Phipps?

Edit: article link: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/s...0/news-story/e23195c36b448a1cd005235c20e2f904


Andrew Slack (58)
Both are quality options and as long as we don't lose both I'm happy. Having said that, it's a bit closer to crunch time for Ruru: he needs somewhere he can be a starter if he wants a Canary Jersey. And I'm big on Goddard. There's not many better to learn your craft under than Willie G.


Jim Lenehan (48)
I think they will look to Goddard to back Genia up if he stays, he’s the future at the club. Ruru would have options in the NH or even NZ if he chose to move. I couldn’t see him go to another Aus franchise, he’s not better than Gordon or Powell, and the reds have a young crop they look like are going to be persisted with.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
I don't think the Reds would try and sign him, scrum-half isn't a position the Reds really need to look for high profile recruits who are heading towards the twilight of their career. Especially if the Kerevi to Japan rumour plays out


Bill Watson (15)
Some of those tries the Rebels scored last weekend, looked to be some of the slickest/easiest i have seen an oz team score in a long while.

They made the Lions defenders look like idiots.

If that translates to the world cup - woohoo!

Look out everyone....

Playing flat and making specific defenders make a choice means they can get it wrong more often.

Jerry West

Sydney Middleton (9)
On another topic, hearing that Fereti Sa’aga is in fact not injured but has just infact fallen out of favour behind both Faulkner and Gibbon. Disappointing news after ending the season rather strongly


Jim Lenehan (48)
I think you’ll find Meakes and English will be in need of a week rotated out of the squad by that time. Even a week where Quade will need a rest.
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