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Reds 2016

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Sword of Justice

Cyril Towers (30)
Lachie Turner's instagram:

"Well I'm packed and ready to go.. I'm hoping to return but that balls in the reds court. For now, au revoir."

Really hope we hold on to him, don't really think we need Nabuli. Wing is not an area of weakness with CFS, Kuridrani, JOC (James O'Connor), and Magnay, as well as JJT who can play there. Those guys just need an older head to guide and lead and Turner is that exactly. This and also the fact that he has performed very well.


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
The fact that it was repeated so often said to me at the time at least that it was a direction to go for max distance and that the odd miss was acceptable.

Well the whole game plan seemed to revolve around getting close enough to run a driving maul when ever possible


John Solomon (38)
To me It just sounds like Quade's future is still undecided, if he had made his mind up that he wouldn't be returning to the Reds then Quade would have said some through his social media accounts like he always does.

Why have a going away party for someone who may not be going?

That and every time Quades contract comes up for renewal it's a bloody soap opera. All the other blokes are confirmed as going Cooper is not.
Storm in a tea cup.


John Solomon (38)
What people are involved in peoples choice?

I am a member and did not get asked to vote, is voting at the ground?

I think it might be more of a marketing award for charity work and is well deserved, but I struggle to understand how a guy who barely played wins.

Everyone gets a vote if you want to.


Michael Lynagh (62)
just don't let him kick for touch anymore.

I don't think I've ever seen someone miss touch so often as Lachie did this season.

It was a poor year for Australian kickers, Foley also missed a heap and White missed a couple too.

Lance Free

Arch Winning (36)
Only one Queensland Reds' player in the Wallaby First XV*

An accurate reflection of RG's legacy?

*(Notwithstanding Simmo would have been there if not injured).


Tim Horan (67)
I'm not rating RGs legacy, but add the props. And others in the extended squad. Reds are actually over rated by the WB reps.

@Troy, Board today but I wonder if there will be any announcements of import?


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
Without being insensitive and politically incorrect, an explosion of Hiroshima proportions awaits (if the Board fucks this up)!

A new coach will already have the excuse of coaching a
side he didn't sign/select for next season

But they can't seriously be thinking RG is a viable option


Jim Clark (26)
Saw this on twitter earlier - hence my post..

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.03.25 pm.png


John Hipwell (52)
The bastards have worn me down to the point where instead of hoping it isn't RG I will be 'happy' as long as it is only a year:mad:


Tony Shaw (54)
On a different topic, the QRU/Reds have been planning for some time a crack at the world record for the worlds biggest scrum. The attempt was planned to occur at Ballymore on the weekend of 19/20 September at the Brisbane City home game.

Looks like Fox Sports are going to try and get in first pre Bledisloe with an attempt of their own. Nice work Fox Sports. Really struggling for an original idea I see. o_O
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