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Reds 2019


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Every player in every team in every code fudges their weight and height, a cousin who played NRL said it was a running joke in his team how much players added onto their height or weight


Desmond Connor (43)
They should all have a look at Tayler Adams, Eastwood's 10.

I believe Hegarty should remain at flyhalf for the 2020 season.
He has been consistent, is a good kicker, varies his play, and overall is Mr Reliable.
But more importantly, he should be the bearer to the future flyhalf for the Reds, and with time, for Australia.
I'm talking about Isaac Lucas.
He has the X factor that a flyhalf needs to have, but it will take him time to develop his skills.
So for 2020 put Lucas on the pine for both Hegarty at flyhalf and Stewart at fullback .
Gradually give him more playing time; allow him to get used to McDermott, a half with x-factor skills as well.
As a halves combination, this pair could be an outstanding pair for the future of both the Reds & the Wallabies..
Just don't rush them.
As for Lucas's size, many of the world's most talented flyhalves have been smaller rather than bigger.


John Thornett (49)
I don't know how tall Paul McLean is, but haven't the 'greats' of Queensland Reds flyhalves generally been lower end of 6'0? Noddy and Elton aren't giants and Quade is like 5'10/5'11


Mark Ella (57)
Agree that Hegarty is most probably the best 10 we are likely to be able to put out on the field next year, but his limitations also mean we'll probably have as much success with him at 10 as we did this year

Bobby Sands

jesus christ. If this isn't the biggest wank of a post on GAGR I don't know what is.

Go through it.

You were one of the first to pick it up, and start spruiking the idea.

Within a few posts in fact.

Being accountable for the dribble in here, and anywhere is a good thing.