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Reds media coverage (not)


Desmond Connor (43)
I have become frustrated with the lack of media coverage the Reds receive.

The Australian had reasonable coverage when they had Wayne Smith, whom they released when Foxtel didn't retain their TV coverage of Australian rugby.
Nowadays they barely write about anything rugby or only when they can put the dagger in e.g. Rugby Australia risk missing out on the Rugby World Cup.

The Brisbane Times only covers the Reds as a subsidiary of The Sydney Morning Herald, without any journalists from Queensland reporting on Queensland Rugby. It's weird reading in the Brisbane Times the coverage all on the Waratahs. Wayne Smith is doing articles there as a freelance journalist, but is seemingly not doing any articles on the Reds.

Channel 9 who along with the Stan app. supply very few news stories.

I don't subscribe to The Courier Mail, which normally does Rugby League before they even do the news.

So where does a fan go to catch up on the Reds news?


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Channel 9 is doing it better than the days since Andrew Slack was their head of Sport. Michael Atkinson really pushing the stories.

Rugby.com.au and redsrugby.com.au are probably the best places, as well as the place Slim suggested


John Thornett (49)

You can skip anything not related to the Reds if you want, but I find most of Brett's, Geoff and Nick's articles across the Australian teams to be interesting.
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Cyril Towers (30)

I mean that's practically the textbook definition