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Reds vs Crusaders Super Rugby Rd11 2012

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Mark Ella (57)
...all at Suncorp.

That is true. One was a final, one was a down to the wire thriller and the other was an arse kicking (31 points to Quade that night to hold the record for most points in a game for the Reds.)

The point is that we do know how to knock them off and we have a game that can disrupt them. I hope we bring it. This will be a great game.


Desmond Connor (43)
Last weekend, the refs seemed to concentrate more on players lying around the breakdown, and not attempting to move away. This in turn allowed for more open/running rugby. Perhaps the refs were directed to concentrate more on this area of play.
In which case, the Crusaders will be penalised more. Also Mccaw will have to adapt to the refs reading of hands on the ball, with daylight between a tackle & contesting the tackled player for possession.
So the Crusaders won't have it all their own way. They only narrowly beat the Tahs', and that was thanks to Tom Carter being too slow against the Crusaders centres, who need to be shut down early.
Anthony Fingaa will make a difference in this regard, although Harris needs to improve his game.
Any news on Robinson & Slippers fitness?


Nev Cottrell (35)
I believe Quade was supposed to return for this game (the news out of Reds camp was he would start playing again when they were in NZ) but then he got that niggle in the knee after playing touch a few weeks back. I think that pushed his return date back another week so i'm guessing we won't see him until the Chiefs game back at Suncorp.


Peter Johnson (47)
Why doe's bryce keep getting big games?

He is obviously not up to it. It just looks bad for rugby.


Tony Shaw (54)
I'll be a realist here, I cannot see the Reds gaining anything except a losing bonus point in this one. Crusaders hit their straps and we werent THAT good against Auckland, unless we would of won by more.

Head over heart analysis has to agree with this assessment. A realistic aim has to be a bp-gaining loss. Our squad position post-AKL has worsened if Beau is out with foot stress fractures as the back row we opened with re Brums and Blues has been effective and without it we'll be less so.

The Tahs were let down by defence lapses again v Cru and I think our defence is finally getting back to something approaching 2011 standards, but that will be just a base line requirement to hold the Cru in check.

QC (Quade Cooper) was highly important to the tactics and execution we deployed to beat the Cru last year, he'll be greatly missed on Sunday (as he has been since Rnd 1). Now that "Chook" Fowler has sadly gone, Harris' kicking has been deteriorating alarmingly and anything less than a mid-80%s place kick success ratio v Cru will likely be loss-sealing for us.

A good-to-excellent 15 is essential to have any chance of holding the Cru in check, Morahan is a roulette wheel in that position and neither he nor Harris are making consistently accurate long kicks for touch (I look at Gerrard's work in this regard with envy), which is a serious failing v the best teams. God send us a Genia on Sunday that drops the reckless mid-field kicks as each one will average 2 or so gift points to the Cru, directly or indirectly. If we can't deploy high calibre kick and chase (which presently we can't on evidence), then ffs play a treasure-is-possession game as the default.

Heart will hold that romantic hope, but there are dreams and there are facts.

the sabanator

Ron Walden (29)
a likely lineup of holmes, hanson, daley, simmons, horwill, higgers, gill, schatz, genia, lucas, ioane, harris, Fainga'a, shipperley and morahan would be competitive against most teams, but not the crusaders.

hopefully we'll stay close in the game, i think Cooper would be a massive help in this game. even robinson to go head to head with mccaw would be good (robinson is never fearful of anyone he goes up against), but it also be interesting to see how gill, who i maintain will be as good as pocock in 3-4 years time, goes against a seasoned veteran like richie. ioane back and lucas should make for a reasonable backline, hopefully the kicking game is a bit better this week. genia will be key. the scrum could be a massive issue, hopefully the front row holds their own against the likes of the franks. i always hope for a win, but a BP loss would also be a great, confidence boosting outcome. it pains me to say it but i don't think we have much of a hope of beating the big teams away from home this year, at least until QC (Quade Cooper) cames back and gets back some form.


Desmond Connor (43)
Given most here seem to be saying we will lose, and in order to restore balance to the universe I am going to tip the reds to win by 20.

I like your thinking - I don't necessarily agree with it, but I like it.
When your own fans don't have confidence in the team, it's not a good sign. I'm hoping there will be a lot of crow eating come Sunday evening.


John Solomon (38)
Of course the Reds can win, they're gonna take a lot of heart out of winning in Auckland for the first time in a couple of generations & start their ascent up the ladder from this Sunday afternoon. Reds by 7, Bryce is actually good for us against the Crusaders, they hate him there almost as much as the Saffas :-D

liquor box

Greg Davis (50)
hopefully the return of s finger won't budge hanson out of the starting 2 spot, he's been playing well this year (better than finger did last year IMO)
I hope they share the game a bit more, Hanson has had a lot of minutes and could use a bit of a rest and when you have a Wallaby on your bench he should not be used as a 10 minute a game player, I would love a 40/40minute split to keep up high intensity

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Greg Davis (50)
Quade picked, just before run on. Richie will get away with offside this weekend being at home. He will get away with that hideous offside against tah's he did with in 2min
Cooper could smash him back onside, although this would get the crowd offside


No worries - Hear Ant back and Diggers to the wing
Reds by 6


Having Ant.F return to the back-line will definitely tighten up the back-line defence, its still going to be a tough one..

I think the Reds could sneak a win in this one, i dont think it will be pretty, but its definitely a chance.
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