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Rio Olympics

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Not sure if its been posted before, but you can download the 7 Olympic app, or access via a browser on your computer, http://www.seven.com.au/Olympics

If you pay $20 you get access to all the live streams and all the completed events - so you can watch the 7's at a more convenient time of day if you wish.

The best thing about watching the completed games is that there is no commentary! So you just get the referee's mic and the crowd noise. How good would that be for all rugby!

The app is a bit buggy but its a step in the right direction - watch the events you want at the time you want.


Also, If you're a Telstra customer you get success to the premium content for free

waiopehu oldboy

Nathan Sharpe (72)
As it appears @ Rugby Reg is too modest to plug his Day 2 blog, I will:


Give it a click!

Short version:

QF Australia 24-0 Spain
Canada 15-5 France
GB 26-7 Fiji
NZ 5-0 USA

SF tomorrow Aus v Can, GB v NZ.

The format of just two matches per day has to be a good thing player welfare-wise, I was worried about what might happen if the carnage of your average HSBC Leg happen at these Games but so far so good, bearing in mind the women don't tend to get injured as often or as badly as the men.

waiopehu oldboy

Nathan Sharpe (72)
1st SF Australia 17-5 Canada (HT 12-0), Aussies in charge for most of the match & never looked like losing.

2nd SF NZ 10-7 GB @ HT, Brits with two in the bin right on the siren for seperate offences, tackling a potential try-scorer without the ball & dangerous tackle. NZ going OK but will need to make GB pay for ill-discipline as 7-on-7 the Brits look dangerous.

Damage well & truly done while GB down to five, FT 25-7. Shoulda finished with another in the bin, cheap-shot elbow to the face going unpunished.........

Aus v NZ Final at 08:00 AEST on 7Two.


Ted Thorn (20)
Well done to both the southern hemisphere finalists, playing for Olympic Gold!

Just caught a replay of the Oz v Canada SF. Apart from a few nervous moments with the ball, Oz defence was very willing and impressive one on one tackling the key to bustling Canada into error.

Should be a cracking final.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Australia are clearly the unbackable favourites for the final. Anything less than a 14 point win will be a moral victory for the plucky New Zealand underdogs and their she'll-be-right attitude.


John Hipwell (52)
Coverage is ridiculous. Just had to switch channels to go from bronze to gold medal play off.


Jim Clark (26)
HT AUS 10 NZ 5

Aussie try after Kiwi in bin for deliberate knock down

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