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Round 7: Hurricanes v Waratahs - Friday 5:30pm

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Stan Wickham (3)

First beer - Heineken.

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When in NZ....Steinlarger
Return flight for Gordon v Rats?


John Eales (66)
If anyone wants to know commitment to supporting the game - I'm currently meant to be on shift at work, but instead I'm in the car outside, watching the game on my laptop tethered to my phone. Now that's dedication.

Or I just hate my job.

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Peter Sullivan (51)
10 min in the Tahs have had the ball three times - two poir kicks and an intercept and already a bonus point to the Canes


Trevor Allan (34)
Commentators summing up the game so far "Waratahs are doing nothing but tackling at the moment. Well, sometimes."


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Why do Australian wingers have to come in on defence all the time? Trust your man!

Inside Shoulder

Nathan Sharpe (72)
Just as well they scored otherwise penalty against hanigan for stepping into the tramlines before the line out was over.


Trevor Allan (34)
I dont normally advocate for knee-jerk sackings but by golly Gibson and Grey are bad at their jobs.

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Jim Lenehan (48)
As I said on the Waratahs-Crusaders thread last weekend, just let the big guy get outside you then aim for the knees or ankles. Goosen did it perfectly. That Crusaders winger should take notes.
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