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Round 7: Reds v Rebels - Saturday 30 March @ Suncorp


George Gregan (70)
Woah, that's nuts. The ref had given advantage during play, but then rescinds it using TMO. Don't think I've seen that before.

That's pretty screwed.
Technically correct, though still iritating. Penalty followed by knock on means no advantage.


Tony Shaw (54)
Oh dear, as we have 2 wins out of 6 in 2019, it’s so encouraging we have this great new ‘culture’ from B Thorn.
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Tony Shaw (54)
.... and such a ‘high potential talented young team’ that’s also incredibly valuable for the years ahead


John Eales (66)
Reds were completely outplayed. I can't remember Hegarty touching the ball. That felt like watching the Wallabies v NZ, just starved of possession. Glimpses of brilliance when you hold the ball for three phases but that's it.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Quade had a few classic answers in that post match interview. Wouldn't be surprised if he planned some of it.