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Steve Williams (59)
Two countries with vast numbers of rugby players and followers are Sri Lanka and Madagascar, both almost completely ignored by the traditional giants and World Rugby.

from Wikipedia:

"Rugby union in Madagascar is a popular team sport. As of September 2018, Madagascar is ranked 50th worldwide by World Rugby (WR (World Rugby)),[2] and boasts over 22,540 registered players and more than 410 rugby clubs.[3] Although Madagascar lacks a professional competition, as it is one of the poorest countries in the world, it does possess a national club competition that is extensively covered in the national print media, as well as having matches televised. Rugby is considered the national sport of Madagascar."

"Rugby union in Sri Lanka is mainly played at a semi-professional and recreational level. It is a popular team sport with a history dating back to 1879. In 2012, according to International Rugby Board figures, there were over 103,000 registered rugby union players in Sri Lanka, making it the second largest rugby-playing nation in Asia, behind Japan."

The traditional unions should engage them much more often.
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Alan Cameron (40)
Are you sure - it's very small.

I went to the 7's at the Melbourne games, Marvel Stadium which was very full

100%, the 2026 comm games are going to be in 4 regional cities Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo & Gippsland.

Gippsland is the only place that already has a semi decent rectangular ground, There are 2 stadiums that host afl games GMHBA 35k & Mars Stadium 11k currently being expanded atm both being will be used for cricket & athletics.

La Trobe city stadium will get an upgrade of sorts over the next 4 years but it still will be bare-boned & might even have temporary seating at each end.


Steve Williams (59)



Michael Lynagh (62)
Do you still have foxtel or Kayo? its on bein sports 2 this weekend. Your right though stan would be elite!
Nah dumped foxtel and then kayo once Stan got rugby as our house has lots of other streaming services and now days sport wise tend to only watch rugby unless things like soccer world cup.

ps use to watch lot of afl and even cricket in the the past but with being more time poor and proliferation of rugby content to watch just watching the rugby content I want is hard which is why I like the Stan Mini matches. Why I also always loved sevens on tv and live as can see x number of matches in a day (and love the open spaces and attacking rugby sevens creates)