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Jim Lenehan (48)
Three players standing in the home stadium is the clear marketing directive for the NZ franchises. For future announcements surely they can coordinate it across all teams and organise a schedule. Possibly even bundle it up with the squad announcements?

Sword of Justice

Vay Wilson (31)
The Dicks channeling their inner Cincinnati Bengals. Lets hope that flows on into on-field performance :cool:

This jersey blows. Crusadists simply cannot win the comp wearing that generic office polo design.

The Ghost of Raelene

Andrew Slack (58)
Classic have always done a good job. They know what they’re good at and stick to it.

Clever that they change their logo to suit. Traditionally have a Kangaroo inside the big C but that’s not on these jerseys with “Classic” on there instead. Could be advertising but I reckon NZ don’t want a kangaroo which I get.

Māori All Stars league jersey had a Kiwi in the same spot as the Kangaroo. Relevant to NZ League I guess.