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Rugby News from unexpected places


Bob Loudon (25)


Colin Windon (37)
Looking at a story on a tech website, Engadget, about what a blueprint for a workout pill might be like.

And who do they use for a stock photo of someone exercising?


waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)


Fred Wood (13)
Can't find it again but someone posted earlier that FTA coverage of the Cup in Germany has been so popular the broadcaster is showing extra games & that someone has set up a "Rugby For Dummies" website so Germans can get up to speed with the rules etc.

EDIT: found it but can't copy it for some reason so here's a link:


Post #89 from Cpt Crow Eater.

Has been hugely popular here - especially with the success of the German 7s team touring Australia at the moment.There was also a public screening in Hannover I believe (or Hamburg - can't remember exactly)

Also- the guy that made the "rugby for dummies" that has been picked up by Eurosport is the same guy that did the artwork for the team I coached the last two seasons - makes a handy number 7 as well!

German 15s team recently played a trial against French Top 14 side La Roshelle and they are about to tour brazil for a couple of tests against their national side.


Andrew Slack (58)
Finished 5th in the European Sevens Series behind Ingerland, France, Spain and Russia, and finished 2nd in the European Repechage Tourney to qualify for the final Repechage too.

Not too bad.


Bob Loudon (25)
Seems that at least part of the upswing in German rugby is due to one bloke with deep pockets:

"After the match, over a few drinks at The Dubliner, one of many old pubs lining Heidelberg’s cobble-stoned Hauptstrasse, Armstrong details how rugby’s promising future in Germany is down largely to one rugby fanatic: Hans-Peter Wild. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Wild not only sponsors the German national team, he also helped build the Wild Rugby Academy and one of his companies provide sponsorship for Heidelberg RK.
“Without him I definitely wouldn’t be here, none of us would be,” Armstrong says. “He doesn’t ask for publicity or anything and he doesn’t get anything out of it, he just does it for the love of rugby".



David Codey (61)
More talk about Pro Rugby in the US. Evidently Rugby International Marketing (RIM) which is the for profit arm of USARugby are set to announce it late this month. They've partnered with Stadium Capital Financing Group and both NBC and RIM mooted Rugby Channel are said to be involved. Evidently there will be a chance it could launch as soon as the US Spring next year but 2017 seems a lot more likely. Will have between 6-8 teams with 'one from Canada likely'. I'd imagine that would be the Ontario Blues.