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RWC Week 4 matches

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
Scots comms cock a hoop about 1/8 final prospects but I still think they're going to get the shock of their lives against Japan. Scots can run and gun but dont seem to have a power game. But if they try to run and gun against Japan I can see them coming a massive 30-pt hiding cropper as that style would put them totally play into Japan's hands


Jim Lenehan (48)
TBF Scotland did almost run-and-gun their way over a 24 point halftime defect against England at Twickenham in the 6N, earlier this year. They can be quite good at it.

EDIT: They've also just put on comfortably the greatest shellacking of the RWC, outside of the Pool A blood bath.


How the fuck is that yellow and every bloody other tackle is a red


That was through no fault of the tackler though, pure luck that it happened

Deary me the laws are fucked

Bobby Sands

Goes to show how disadvantaged these island teams are by not playing more internationals together.


Jason Little (69)
TMOs bending rugby over and fucking it in the arse unlubed. This is dire. Just fuck of you fluffybunnys and let the game happen.