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RWC Week 4 matches


George Gregan (70)
Radradra has to be the best attacking player in world rugby right now. Simply unstoppable.


Tim Horan (67)
Ah that's awful for Biggar, roasting him earlier for his chirping but that doesn't look good at all. Hope he's okay.

Spruce Moose

Fred Wood (13)
Law 8.3: A penalty try is awarded between the goal posts if foul play by the opposing team prevents a probable try from being scored, or scored in a more advantageous position. A player guilty of this must be cautioned and temporarily suspended or sent off. No conversion is attempted.

The rule is a bit heavy handed, but shouldn't wales therefore be down to 13 men?

Bobby Sands

The fact that the rules of rugby will dictate that Wales is a better side than Fiji tonight, are indicative of why rugby is a strange if not silly game.