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Schoolboy soccer ⚽️

Steve Jones

Stan Wickham (3)
Thread on all things private school boy soccer in Sydney.
16A/1sts soccer only, this thread is about , and schoolboy rep teams U-16’s and above .


Bob McCowan (2)
Yeah that’s my rogue shout, Newo are definitely the favourites. Think Joeys will fall after back to back titles

The SL Dream

Frank Row (1)
GPS 1sts Predictions:

1. Scots
2. Newington
3. View
4. Kings
5. Joeys
6. High
7. Grammar
8. Shore

personally i have to say that the boys from ignatius have a good shot this year. Could see it going right down to the last game week between Ignatius and Newington
I believe they will be getting a new addition to their defence at left back, a cunning young and strong man who knows how to play ball.I believ his name is Stef the boys call him SMOUSE