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Scotland RWC Jersey

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Peter Sullivan (51)
Looks like shoulder pads without any padding.


Slim 293

Stirling Mortlock (74)
If that's navy... that's some pretty dark fucking navy... it's pretty much black in my eyes...

Maybe every country should go to this years world cup with a black kit just to annoy the Kiwis?


John Thornett (49)
That is a bad choice of jersey, not as bad as France's in 07, but still pretty bad. Scotland have always been dark blue and white, not almost-black and gold


Jim Clark (26)
Maybe it's just poor photography, the light seems to be on the guys face and not what he is wearing...


Geez, someone tell that lad in white that jocks go under the shorts.

Those white shorts scream "look at my dick area".

OK, so I looked.....

Slim 293

Stirling Mortlock (74)
That last picture brings out the blue a bit more...

But I can't comprehend why they've chosen that gold piping?

It's not quite up to England 7's standard of moving away from traditional colours, but it's still a bit odd?

Imagine if the Wallabies replaced the green in their kit with red or blue...


Ah credit where credits due - the Scottish RFU obviously have a fantastic sense of humour. This is a classic.
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