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Shute Shield 2016

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I like to watch

David Codey (61)
Maybe being bitched physically by a former lower grader from you club hurts more,and explains the petulant behaviour?

The judiciary would do Uni a favour giving him a week off, Uni won't drop him,but he will get man shamed if Norths give Simone plenty of ball this week.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Well done to Will Miller on winning the Catchpole Medal. Didn't see that coming, but then I haven't seen too many of the Shoremen's games on the goggle box.

The Shoremen have just quietly got on with the job this year, slipping under the radar of all but the rusted on clubmen and more astute trainspotters.

I was fairly confident that this would be the Year of the Hobbit, and they went pretty close to scoring an invite to the Big Dance, but no chocolates for them.


Ron Walden (29)
Congrats to Will Miller in streeting the field to win the Catchpole.
Also to Simone & Davidson.
All 3 deserving winners.

No controversy with Will Millers selection. Well done.
Are the full list of votes published anywhere?
Picking a Norths Shute Shield.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
2016 SRU Award Winners

Ken Catchpole Medal - 2016 Player of the Year
Will Miller (Northern Suburbs) 30 points
Andrew Deegan (Randwick) 19 points
Jordan Tuapou (West Harbour) 18 points
Cohen Masson (Eastwood) 16 points
Jai Ayoub (Eastwood) 15 points
Jake Gordon (Sydney University) 15 points
Sam Lane (Manly) 14 points
Hamish Angus (Warringah) 13 points
Rowan Perry (Eastern Suburbs) 13 points

2016 Top 10 Highest Point Scorers - Intrust Super Shute Shield
Andrew Deegan (Randwick) 210 points
Archie King (Eastern Suburbs) 187 points
Angus Roberts (Sydney University) 179 points
Christian Kagiassis (Sydney University) 152 points
Tayler Adams (West Harbour) 151 points
Hamish Angus (Warringah) 149 points
Samuel Lane (Manly) 146 points
Jai Ayoub (Eastwood) 136 points
Angus Sinclair (Northerns Suburbs) 132 points
Matthew Teki (Southern Districts) 128 points

2016 Top 10 Highest Try Scorers - Intrust Super Shute Shield
Harry Jones (Warringah) 16 tries
Jake Gordon (Sydney University) 15 tries
Christian Kagiassis (Sydney University) 14 tries
Josh Turner (Manly) 14 tries
Richard Woolf (Northern Suburbs) 12 tries
Richard Hooper (Manly) 12 tries
Michael McDougall (Eastwood) 12 tries
Archie King (Eastern Suburbs) 11 tries
Luke Smart (Southern Districts) 10 tries
Lachlan Creagh (Northern Suburbs) 9 tries

Honour Roll - Previous Winners of the Four Major Awards

Ken Catchpole Medallists - Honour Roll
1981 Neale Murphy (Western Suburbs)
1982 Geoff Richards (Eastern Suburbs)
1983 Peter Lucas (St George)
1984 Richard Moriarty (Western Suburbs)
1985 Phillip Cox (Manly)
1986 Peter Lucas (St George), David Niu (St George) and Sione Tahaafe
1987 Steve Lidbury (Warringah)
1988 Jim Fewtrell (Warringah)
1989 Simon Poidevin (Randwick)
1990 Matt Foldi (Warringah)
1991 Marty Roebuck (Eastwood)
1992 Ross Reynolds (Gordon)
1993 Phil Kearns (Randwick)
1994 Mark Catchpole (Warringah)
1995 Nick Harvey (Northern Suburbs)
1996 Dirk Williams (Eastern Suburbs)
1997 Adam Leach (Eastwood)
1998 Mark Catchpole (Sydney University)
1999 Peter Besseling (Penrith) and Keith Gleeson (Northern Suburbs)
2000 Sam Harris (Warringah)
2001 Des Tuiavi’i (West Harbour)
2002 Scott Fava (Eastwood)
2003 Scott Fava (Eastwood)
2004 Scott Fava (Eastwood)
2005 Tim Donnelly (Eastwood)
2006 Peter Hewat (Manly)
2007 Gavin Debartolo (Eastern Suburbs)
2008 Scott Fardy (Warringah) and Dave Harvey (Gordon)
2009 Andrew Smith (Northern Suburbs)
2010 Brendan McKibbin (Eastern Suburbs)
2011 Dave Harvey (Northern Suburbs)
2012 Hamish Angus (Warringah)
2013 Hugh Perrett (Eastwood)
2014 Hamish Angus (Warringah)
2015 David Horwitz (Randwick)
2016 William Miller (Northern Suburbs)

Shute Shield Rookie of the Year - Honour Roll
2006 Andrew Barratt (Southern Districts)*
2007 (Unlisted)
2008 Nathan Charles (Sydney University)*
2009 Lachlan McCaffrey (Eastwood)*
2010 Greg Petersen (Manly)
2011 Bernard Foley (Sydney University)
2012 Jed Holloway (Southern Districts)
2013 Hugh Roach (Eastwood)
2014 Henry Clunies-Ross (Sydney University)
2015 Kelly Meafua (West Harbour)
2016 Irae Simone (Northern Suburbs)
* known as the Herald Cup Rookie of the Year

David Brockhoff Medal, Coach of the Year - Honour Roll
2006 Todd Louden (Randwick)
2007 Scott Bowen (Eastern Suburbs)
2008 Stu Woodhouse (West Harbour)
2009 Phil Blake (Manly)
2010 Matt Briggs (Penrith)
2011 John Manenti (Eastwood)
2012 Cam Blades (Southern Districts)
2013 John Manenti (Eastwood)
2014 Matt Barr (Southern Districts)
2015 Simon Cron (Northern Suburbs)
2016 Tim Davidson (Sydney University)

Dick Byers Medal, Referee of the Year - Honour Roll
Referee of the Year
1996 David Begg
1997 Flip van der Westhuizen
1999 James Dickson
2002 Stuart Dickinson
2003 John McCarthy

Dick Byres Medal
2004 John McCarthy
2005 John McCarthy
2006 George Ayoub
2007 Ian Smith
2008 Nathan Pearce
2009 Steve Walsh
2010 Stuart Dickinson
2011 Ian Smith
2012 James Leckie
2013 James Leckie
2014 Ian Smith
2015 Ian Smith
2016 Matt Kellahan


Jim Clark (26)
Sydney University
Tolu Latu
Folau Fainga’a
Tom Robertson
Lachlan Swinton
Matthew Phillip
Rohan O’Regan
David Hickey
Jake Wainright
Jake Gordon
Stu Dunbar
Christian Kagiassis
Tim Carter
Jim Stewart
Jack Redden
Angus Roberts
Alexander Masima, Alex Batho, Benjamin Carolan, Calum Buckling, Hamish Dunbar, Tipiloma Kaveinga, Jock Merriman, Chris Ingate

Northern Suburbs
Ezra Luxon
Sam Kitchen
Angus Ta'avao
Nick Palmer
James Brown
Michael Smith
Will Miller
Hugh Sinclair
Michael Dowsett
Angus Sinclair
Lochie Creagh
Irae Simone
Stephan Van Der Walt
Richie Woolf
Harry Burey
Will Weeks, Tyron Rota, Lawrance Hunting, Connor Vest, Michael Wells, Mitch Magrath, Jordan Heyer, Blake Murray

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
As are we all.
But the weather forecast is a worry . Are the council likely to close NSO if we get heavy rain? Is there a contingency plan?

Good point, you're obviously not called "Learned One" for nothing!
It would be just like them to move the lower grades to Bon Andrews.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
2016 Grand Finals Team Lists

Shute Shield (1st Grade)
Sydney University (1): 1. Silatolu Latu, 2. Folau Fainga'a, 3. Tomas Robertson, 4. Lachlan Swinton, 5. Matthew Philip, 6. Rohan O'Regan, 7. David Hickey, 8, Jake Wainright, 9. Jake Gordon, 10. Stuart Dunbar, 11. Christian Kagiassis, 12. Thomas Carter, 13. Jim Stewart, 14. Jack Redden, 15. Angus Roberts
Northern Suburbs (3): 1. Ezra Luxon, 2. Sam Kitchen, 3. Angus Ta'avao, 4. Nick Palmer, 5. James Brown, 6. Michael Smith, 7. Will Miller (c), 8, Hugh Sinclair (VC), 9. Michael Dowsett, 10. Angus Sinclair, 11. Lochie Creagh, 12. Irae Simone, 13. Stephan Van Der Walt, 14. Richie Woolf, 15. Harry Burey

Colin Caird Shield (2nd Grade)
Eastern Suburbs (1): 1. Liam Berry, 2. Chris Pusi, 3. Cam Betham, 4. Michael Ross, 5. Lachie Pigot, 6. Angus Brotherton, 7. Dan Elsom, 8, Liam Moylan, 9. Jack Grant, 10. Cohan Guerra (c), 11. Rowland Kotobalavu, 12. Will Raynor, 13. Nick Hedley, 14. Suaesi Iosua, 15. Will Paterson
Randwick (3):1. Dashville Kuate, 2. Tevita Vea, 3. Michael Celona, 4. Ed Kennedy, 5. Will Lafolafo, 6. Dave Parsons, 7. Jack Johnson, 8, Alex Harrod, 9. Harrison Goddard, 10. Lachlan Anderson, 11. Seamus Frost, 12. Ben Starkey, 13. Kuki Ma'afu, 14. Charlie McKay, 15. Nic Andrews

Henderson Shield (3rd Grade)
Sydney University (1):1. Alasdair King, 2. Jack Jones, 3. Sione Talanoa, 4. Oliver Gresham, 5. Rhys Dombkins, 6. Byron Wicken, 7. Jackson McCalman, 8, Benjamin Carolan, 9. Alexander Jackman, 10. Edward L'Estrange, 11. Harrison Blake, 12. Dylan Vieira, 13. William Davies, 14. Ben Cannon, 15. Connor O'Shea
Warringah (3)
1. Jack Slack-Smith, 2. Matt Wedlake, 3. Jason Lautolo, 4. Alex Fowles, 5. Finlay Hillicks, 6. Michael Ritchie, 7. Jordan Fowles, 8, Sam Reid, 9. Calum Reid, 10. Luke Vescio, 11. Brayden Witham, 12. Harry Suters, 13. Daniel Saggus, 14. Jackson Stariha, 15. Calum Blyth

Henderson Cup (4th Grade)
Sydney University (2): 1. Jack Bliss, 2. Stewart Nutt, 3. Alastair Ryan, 4. Nateni Qicatabua, 5. Harrison Williams, 6. Tyne Holmes, 7. Maxwell Hughes, 8, Jack Stanford, 9. Thomas Wilson, 10. William Macklin, 11. Patrick Muller, 12. Cameron Mason, 13. Nicholas Burden, 14. Dylan Oldfield, 15. Mesake Tagituimua
Eastwood (6): 1. David Fangaloka, 2. Myles Hunkin, 3. Alex Pappalardo, 4. Sam Frogley, 5. Adrian Wyper, 6. David Feketi, 7. Conor O’Gorman, 8, Josh Harris, 9. Jordan Gillespie, 10. David Sutton, 11. Nick Tregoning, 12. Christian Hala, 13. Quin Filipaina, 14. Sam McCaffrey, 15. Brendan Maxworthy

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
It's the Grand Final.

The lowner grades would play it on the Warringah Freeway at 3am if they couldn't get on to North Sydney Oval tomorrow.

It is that important.

I like to watch

David Codey (61)
Good point, you're obviously not called "Learned One" for nothing!
It would be just like them to move the lower grades to Bon Andrews.
Nope, it would result in a huge dent in the gate.
That lady that mans the gate in finals weeks,would pop a valve at the thought of all those people watching without paying:)
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