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Shute Shield 2020


Peter Johnson (47)
Gordon into the Grand final

Nothing in it until about 20 to go and Easts lost all composure

Thought East might turn a corner when they came out and scored that quick try after 1/2 time but overall Gordon looked the better side. Jack Maddocks made an impact but slotting in for a game is never the same as being around for a whole season.

Here's hoping my team also gets up tomorrow.


Peter Johnson (47)
I haven't seen a SS match on 7 network for weeks. I'm buggered if I can find it!!

I believe todays one is the w/e game, but yes, lots of horse racing if that's your thing. Cluch has been pretty decent though and you don't have any annoying ads.


Phil Kearns (64)
Well done, the Highlanders!!! Three North Harbour teams left now. What a pity we no longer have North Harbour v South Harbour.

The Gordon coach is "looking forward to meeting Norths in the final", according to today's SMH. Something about being neighbours. Well, guess what, Gordon and Eastwood are neighbours, too.