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Shute Shield 2021

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
Player in the bin -14
Uncontested scrum- no replacements left- drop 1- = 13.
Souths should have taken the points -20-16 - ball back off kick off- instead pretty dumb game management . Also- anyone have a problem with the Souths Capt continually in the refs ear and touching the ref. Bit of a whinger

Agree with you on both points.

I was yelling at the TV --- "take the bloody points"!
The best weapon Souths had was the scrum, but what was the point of just packing another scrum every time they got a penalty?
They eventually, of course, defused their own weapon by forcing uncontested.

The ref should have told the Souths captain to shut up IMO.

Rugby Survivor

Ward Prentice (10)
Some good games tomorrow which will give some indication on how strong teams are and what depth they have.
Easts v Uni
Randwick v Gordon
Norths v Eastwood
All likely semi-finalists across the grades and great to see that each team will get a competition game across those clubs.


Stan Wickham (3)
Been an interesting season so far. Uni looking very strong, as always. Gordon aren't quite the juggernaut they were last year. Looking forward to tomorrow's games - Norths v Eastwood especially.

Eyes and Ears

Bob Davidson (42)
IMO Uni aren’t as strong a team but have a few class players eg Clements and Moore who hold it together. They have had an easy run so far with only playing Eastwood of the top sides. We will see their credentials over the next few rounds. Having said that, most teams feel a little weaker than previous years.


Phil Kearns (64)
Norths were always sharper in attack than the Woodies, and deserved their win, as close as it was.


Stan Wickham (3)
Congratulation to West Harbour for a hard fought win at Manly oval this afternoon - especially after running Norths close last week. The match was delayed for a serious injury to the Marlins #9, hopefully it isn't too serious. An entertaining afternoon at the Village Green - but it looks like it could be a long season for Manly.


Trevor Allan (34)
agreed - when WH took the penalty kick from the sideline with a strong cross-wind, I did ask aloud what the hell were they thinking!
When he nailed it I of course agreed with their decision.
If they can keep their cattle and keep improving each week ( which they are doing), WH should make the finals. Would be great to see if that happens.

The Honey Badger

Jim Lenehan (48)
Dion Spice was doing well overnight.
Regaining strength in the problematic left side. Off for scans this morning.

I saw some comments on facebook, he rang his mother in NZ from the Ambulance and all was good.

Sounds like there is still some concern, hope all is well.

Is Harry Emery still there? Thought he was the main 9


Sydney Middleton (9)
Word is next year, club will be told 4 grades and 3 colts. No exception. Hunter and Penrith gone. West Harbour and Two Blues on chopping block.


George Gregan (70)
Word is next year, club will be told 4 grades and 3 colts. No exception. Hunter and Penrith gone. West Harbour and Two Blues on chopping block.

Meanwhile, bigger clubs warehouse players in 5 Grades and 4 Colts.

Yeah. That's good for the game in general.
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