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Springbokke vs Ierland Series

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Peter Fenwicke (45)
It's possible but if we get a chance we need to take it. We have done that too many times today.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
That's such a frustrating end. They were making metres getting the forwards to truck it up then Reddan throws it to Earls the one guy you don't want to get one on one tackled.

Still SA deserved the win today on their display.

I look forward to reading your match report mst.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Well congratulations to Ireland for making it interesting and for almost embarrassing us at home.

The Willie le Roux event could easily have earned a red because of what happened in the first match, but I think it is unfair to entirely compare it to game one for the simple reason that most Saffas believed CJ didn't deserve a red.

I personally think the rules are becoming too pansy-ish if that makes any sense. Shit happens in the air. Neither Stander nor Le Roux had any intention of actually injuring the opposition player and you can't control yourself in the air. It's ludicrous to expect the attacking team to just chill out and wait for the opposition to catch the ball. You're playing with heart and energy and adrenaline is high. You want to catch that ball or charge it down. You want to give your team the advantage.

Yes, if you're jumping in the air and I simply tackle you without actually challenging for the ball that's a different story. Neither cases had any of that.

World Rugby should sort that out.

Other than that I think Ireland made a great fist of it and they are as good as they are. Just about the same as the Boks. They were better at home during 2014 and several tests before that. I think it's as much an indication of Ireland's progress as it is the Boks' decline.

If we had played England we would have lost this series 0-3. Possibly lost a series to Wales as well or have had a similar result as against Ireland.

Australia are not that bad. At least they played and were good value in pretty much every game. England are just a level too much at this point and they'd be better placed facing the All Blacks.

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Le Roux cited.


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