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State and Territory politics

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Will Genia (78)
Staff member
The LNP obviously have a massive numerical advantage in the current NSW parliament after a landslide election victory last time.

I'm not sure Labor will take power in March 2015 but a lot of those traditional Labor seats that the Libs won in 2011 will return to Labor.

I think a lot of people realise that it really makes no difference to their lives who is in power and revert to their traditional voting habits.


Phil Kearns (64)
Staff member
In the Hunter the Libs would have probably held Charlestown and Pt Stephens. Maitland would be 50/50 and Swansea and Newcastle were gone. Now I reckon they are all gone.

Central Coast is a different story, slightly. Terrigal has been held by the Libs for 25+ years, so even with Hartcher gone you would think that may stay blue. Gosford may stay as well. Hard to tell with the other 2, the Wallarah mine issue is a big one and may overshadow ICAC completely.

But with the recent redistribution and the move to the right in Sydney's west a lot of traditional 'heartland' Labor seats that went blue in 2011 may stay that way.

The other dicey area is the North Coast for the Nats. Don Page (long time Ballina MP (Moana Pasifika)) is retiring and that seat will now probably go red or even green. Thomas George is battling big CSG issues in Lismore as well, so that one will be fairly close too.

I would be very surprised if the Libs lost, because when the focus shifts away from ICAC and back onto their achievements they will be OK. They are a fairly decent government all things considered. Labor need something major to get them over the line, and while ICAC is serving them well at the moment, they should never forget that 'the ICAC giveth and the ICAC taketh away'.

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
The Liberal victories last election in Newcastle, Maitland, Swansea and Charlestown were an aberration, ordinarily they SHOULD be died-in-the-wool Labor seats. The major parties contest every seat at general elections (not always at by-elections) and those in charge would probably not allocate huge resources to keeping those four Hunter seats in next year's election. The pendulum's going to return to something like normal after the Labor rout in 2011.

On the other hand, Port Stephens and the Central Coast seats are always marginal, generally who wins those forms government. There's no doubt the shenanigans exposed ATM will harm Liberal candidates next year, but I reckon they're a chance of retaining one or two of them. For some reason the ICAC are spending time now on the Liberal side of wrongdoings, they'll probably start on the next swathe of Obeid misdemeanours soon. Labor have a long way to go to before they're a chance of forming government.

Think there's a good chance they will turn their attention to the Federal liberals first. Arthur Sinidinis still looks to have some issues he needs to address?


Nev Cottrell (35)
I would suspect that the investigations into the Trade Uinons will be very furtile particularly NSW.

Interesting that ALP banned developers but not trade unions from funding. Who weilds more power when their "friends " are in power?


Andrew Slack (58)
Another "Look over there" moment from Runner.

Hard to avoid a Blockbuster series in it's 6th successful season of breaking every viewership record ever recorded.

You're right tough. We should not be comparing a couple of paper bags with a the crimes going on in the Unions and the ongoing Obeid gate (but the left media is conveniently forgetting this oil tanker in the room).

We'd better not upset the leftie media. It is really hard work opening your inbox for your next story and attending all those freebie Canberra "media" events.
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