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Subbies 2023!


George Gregan (70)
all agree that serious reform is needed.

Of course there is also a significant degree of throwing hands in the air and saying "it'll never change".

Maybe time to start a revolution? :)



David Codey (61)
Hearing talk of the Box Hill Broncos and the Oran Park Rhinos as two new clubs. The Liverpool Cougars are toying with a senior team and there is talk of a team based at Marsden Park, looking like a Wanderers style club

Hey, hey. A new club in the region. That's awesome. Hopefully they get through the season and build from there.


Chris McKivat (8)
I'm hearing the numbers issue is across the board.

Some First Div clubs might even struggle to get Colts on the field due to a lack of interest in playing and/or risk of injury. When you've got an overseas holiday booked for the first time post-COVID, and you're paying top dollar to get there, I guess I have a bit of sympathy for that.

In the past week I've talked to people from a range of clubs (Subbies or Premier) in different situations and all agree that serious reform is needed.
Note Drummoyne & Waverley have a 5th Grade Trial on Saturday at Taplin.


Trevor Allan (34)
Hearing numbers are an issue at many clubs across the Div's.
Note Drummoyne & Waverley have a 5th Grade Trial on Saturday at Taplin.
I'd suggest that is not the norm. Hearing some Div 1 clubs are at decon 5 with how numbers are looking and it doesnt get much better down the Div's.


Ted Fahey (11)
Great to see the boys out at NSW Rugby HQ for the Div 1 Promotional shoot earlier on. Alot of good sponsors on board and seem to be on board with helping out the clubs. Interesting to see the teams with the new kit and the ones waiting
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Chris McKivat (8)
Why can’t we all just be friends????

@Pfitzy any update on when we can expect to see the lower division draws released so we can get on talking about some actual rugby?