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Subbies 2023!

park footy enthusiast

Bob McCowan (2)
Also, re that Pats Colleagues result, I agree the setting of the one minute from the point the penalty is awarded is absurd and doesn't consider opposing captains requesting an explanation of the decision, ball not being exactly where the penalty is awarded or the need to clear the playing group out to allow the captain to make a clear decision on what they'd like to do. Don't agree with the way that was officiated at all. That being said, Hudson Park is an absolute graveyard of a place to play, one of my least favourites in division 1 from a playing perspective. The Pats boys always get up for it at home.


Allen Oxlade (6)
3/4 in Div 1 this week. St Pats showing alot of character to win in tough circumstances. Unsure why there was such a focus on the time for the kick. Let him take 2 minutes if he wants to, knowing that you are going to play the kick off any way. This wont happen again for Colleagues, Im concerned that a loss like this will galvanise the group for the finals series ahead.
The other three games seem to follow the right script. Cant wait for the last 4 rounds.

Love the video evidence and chat above as well. Most people drop off this time of year, but this shows how invested people are in the game. Any news if the judicary are taking action on the kick to the head?

Subbies have cited him directly.

Briars didn’t need to cite and are very dirty about it.


Nev Cottrell (35)

Subbies have cited him directly.

Briars didn’t need to cite and are very dirty about it.

Just wondering did the Briars player get a yellow card for his infringement in delibately killing the ball? Or did the shocking cheap shot from Hills #10 overide that infringement?


George Gregan (70)
I find the statement "Subbies have cited him directly" interesting in the context that Subbies* does not have a stated citing commissioner as such; the manpower simply does not exist at amateur level to review every bit of footage for untoward incidents.

*A term that covers all manner of aspects, depending on the poster's understanding of the landscape, and typically glaring lack thereof...

There is a section in the Competition Rules dealing with citing powers in this regard:
28.1 Members of the Judiciary, members of the Union’s Board, the Executive Director, members of the Union’s staff, or match officials may at their discretion cite an affiliated club or club member on an alleged breach of the Laws of the Game, and/or Code of Conduct, and/or Competition Playing Rules.

I can't remember this being used, as it isn't usually required. It can give rise to claims of bias if not used wisely, particularly as almost everyone listed in that clause is a volunteer member of a Subbies Club.

If an incident is of a serious enough nature, Clubs should start the citing process themselves and not hide behind the Board, Judiciary, or Subbies Staff.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Hasn’t come up on the players list so it looks to be that Craig Brinnand must have waved his magic wand to get his player out of this one.

2 weeks for the St Pats red.


George Gregan (70)
A few forfeits inbound. Probably the biggest one so far being Savers 1st Grade not travelling to Harlequins.


George Gregan (70)
So far:

Div 3
Clark Cup 1st Grade - Savers forfeit to Harlequins
Nicholson Cup Colts - Old Iggies forfeit to Old Barker

Div 4
Grose Cup 2nd Grade - Mac Uni forfeit to Rockdale
Grose Cup 2nd Grade - Wakehurst forfeit to Renegades

Good thing First Div aren't on this weekend or there would probably be another 2 Colts games gone by the wayside.

Champagne Rugby

Stan Wickham (3)
Div 3

No savers which is disappointing, dont know what went so wrong for them they could go from fielding 2 finals teams last year to scrapping for one week in week out. Hopefully they can put a team together at home against Barker in 2 weeks, cant see them fielding a side against Beecroft in the last round.

The 2 games being played should be great;

Beecroft v Knox Old Boys: Undefeated until 2 weeks ago and now having back to back losses, injuries and Europe trips appears to be hitting the boys in green hard, meanwhile Knox are on a mid-season tear having won 4 in a row and are moving in the right directions for final. Am going to tip Beecroft to turn it round in the their first home game for a while with a close win. In other grades expecting Beecroft to maintain top position in 2nd grade with a win and similarly expecting Knox Colts to maintain their top of the table position with a win.

BOBS v Iggies: If you take out Manly this is a bottom of the table clash of 5th v 6th. With the top 4 making finals in a 7 team comp which becomes a 6 team comp with manly out the door 5th and 6th are actually closer to making finals then they should be. Of the two teams only Barker who is also the home team has a sniff of making the finals and this should get them over the line. Same logic applies in 2nd grade in another 5th v 6th class with BOBS needing to win and hoping beecroft win by greater than 7.


George Gregan (70)
Subbies needs a massive shake up but I don't have the answer as my team is blowing in the wind


That was a genuine shame. Took the boy out for a driving lesson and happened to be near the campus, so went for a drive around to the oval.

Unfortunately a lot of teams are running on fumes in terms of volunteers, and when they've had enough, the club is goneski.

I think there will be more to fall before 2024. An amazing RWC2023 performance could help stem the bleeding, but unless there is reform at multiple levels of the game, it will continue to decay.


George Gregan (70)
Division 4:

Chatswood v Redfield - can't see anything but a ROBRs win. They've shifted up gear since beating us a couple of weeks back and will want third spot.

Rockdale v Mac Uni - beacons have forfeited 2s and at Redmond they'll be under the pump from an ever-improving side.

Irish v Merrylands - 1 v 2 on the plastic* (in both Grades!). I think Irish will hold out the Wolves as they did Rockdale last week.
*not something I'm looking forward to in Round 13.

Wakehurst v Renegades - after a close win against Raptors last week, and Wakehurst forfeiting 2s, the boys will be looking for a big game to sew up a top 6 spot.

Raptors v Saints - going to be interesting. Raptors had 25 players for 2 Grades against us last week but nearly turned us over. I think Saints are on the charge and could do this. They took Wakehurst apart at the set piece last week.