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Super Rugby AU Round 6 - Waratahs vs Reds @ SCG, Saturday 8 August 2020


Tim Horan (67)
Or tackle, or kick the ball out, or win a lineout, or compete on the ground or have a clue.

In retrospect, it's actually impressive that they all managed to lace up their boots.

What on earth is going on?


Simon Poidevin (60)
Reds havent turned up, just like the Brumbies. Tahs playing great. Ramm awesome at the moment


Dick Tooth (41)
Reds 9 needs hooking immediately. Lots of shit all round, but every time they start even looking like they're getting a few phases together he shits the bed.
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Simon Poidevin (60)
I wouldn't be able to dispute that rhetorical question obviously but I generally think Mafi has been somewhat better throwing this year. In other words, would BPA have also cost us the game last week? I don't see anything to say no.
Last week was obviously the better of the two hookers. But I get your point, pull him at half time..

A mutterer

Chilla Wilson (44)
i think JOC (James O'Connor) is looking good for the reds but not getting a lot of support

reds might have spent too much emotional energy in that grand final loss from last week


Tony Shaw (54)
Could it possibly be that the QRU letting Peter Ryan go - a highly rated defence coach - was a serious mistake.....if winning matters, that is.


Bob Loudon (25)
Could it possibly be that the QRU letting Peter Ryan go - a highly rated defence coach - was a serious mistake...if winning matters, that is.

Did they let their skills coach go too? Because the execution and handling has been very poor

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
Maddocks back to his best in this game. Very impressed with Horton too. All the others between are having a ball. Not forgetting Tom at LHP too, with one of the hardest jobs in Aussie rugby - facing Tupou in the scrum.