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Super Rugby General Chat


Peter Sullivan (51)
Go back to the amateur structure then. Super Rugby isn't the answer. And the Kiwis think the same with the idea of touring South Africa


Peter Sullivan (51)
Only way this idea would work is if the game reverts to semi-amateur,
Maybe with less Kiwis sides. Like 8 Kiwis sides and 4 Aussies. One of the reasons why the NRL is so succesful is cause the strong market (Australia) pay the salaries of most of the Kiwis who play in the competition. Meanwhile in Super Rugby the strong partner (NZRU) just takes care about their nationals. It's not a fair market

NPC isn’t financially viable either
Just like the NRC

I fail to see how that addresses the grassroots and pathway issues for young talent, the stream of talented rugby players to NRL will become a torrent.
That could be good in the short. That's what happens with the Aussies. The best athletes play at the NRL or AFL. If the best Kiwis talents (Super Rugby players) go to the NRL you would have a more competitive tournament between Aussies and Kiwis. The bad thing is that the national teams would down their level. This isn't a problem for Australia cause is what's happening nowadays but would be a problem for the ABs. But in the long term, with a more equal competition you would get more spectators, viewerships and investing


Geoff Shaw (53)
I do think having Aussies and Kiwis playing across all Super Rugby teams but still being eligible for their national teams is something which seriously needs to be considered by the respective governing bodies if they want SRP (Super Rugby Pacific) to continue as a viable product.

It would take a while for local fans to get around but I think the long term benefits are there for the product.


Tim Horan (67)
I would of been incredibly surprised if it wasn't sold out For all the worries etc the battle of the Bombays on top of a final would get a few salivating. All in all there has been some bloody good rugby so far. I know bloody sure I would of been there if I was anyhere near the place.


Peter Sullivan (51)
I do think having Aussies and Kiwis playing across all Super Rugby teams but still being eligible for their national teams...
That's what I'm saying. That's one of the reasons why the NRL is more successful than Super Rugby. The big brother help to the younger. Sadly I can't see that kind of attitude from the big brother of RA.

If you look at the Kiwis starting XIII, most of their players live and earn money in Australia


Tim Horan (67)
Well I see on Roar there was a podcast that was quoted where the Chair of Super rugby halfheartedly suggested that ABs should be able to play for Aussie teams, as a number has suggested on here.
The outrage, they suddenly remembered it would mean Aus super teams paying for top NZ players to be available for ABs!!!
See the quandary of any ideas?


Geoff Shaw (53)
Why is paying the top NZ players to be available for AB a problem? It's not like your signing someone from Europe who could actually have to return for 6N for example. Your signing a player who will be available for all of Super Rugby. Both bodies just need to set dates for national camps etc that are the same to limit the interference to clubs.


John Eales (66)
I’m guessing they just meant Kiwis in general but inflated it by referring to them as All Blacks. Every kiwi I ever met through rugby was an all black triallist anyway


Geoff Shaw (53)
I think a cross signing model only works if we can get ABs playing for Aussie franchises.

No local fan knows or cares about the fringe blokes from NZ. It needs to be household (well at least rugby house hold) names turning out for the teams.

At the end of the day, none of it matters until RA become clearer on what their potential domestic model looks like. Agree with comments above that I can't see RA wanting to fork out cash for ABs to play in Oz unless the plan is to totally revamp and re-energise the current SRP (Super Rugby Pacific) model.


Nathan Sharpe (72)
Not saying it will work because I don't think it will but isn't it more about creating depth? I think most Aussie teams have a fairly competitive first 15 but it usually falls off pretty dramatically after that.

If you can still make the ABs by making a name for yourself at the Reds then in theory more people will be willing to move there to play, thereby creating more depth.

I think realistically no player with AB ambitions would voluntarily choose to eschew the superior training and development on offer in NZ without being paid overs - and we don't have cash for that (the lack of cash being the primary issue).

ALSO I think a few key All Blacks would dramatically improve the Reds - who have a pretty rounded squad already. Someone like Mo'unga or McKenzie would make a huge difference. The kind of signing that takes a team from competitive at the top end to genuine challenger.
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Geoff Shaw (53)
By all reports Hodgman and JTA have been the two best new squad acquisitions for the Reds.

JTA in particular is a glue guy in the sheds and popular with the fan base. He is also running around at club rugby and made his club team (who suck) legitimately better last week and moved that needle in terms of fan engagement.

Imagine a world where Ardie Savea or Damian McKenzie play one or two games for a QPR or Shute Shield side before or after SRP (Super Rugby Pacific). The club house would run out of tins it would be so busy.


Phil Kearns (64)
In terms of profile, there's maybe 5-6 All Blacks who would drive a genuine increase in interest/crowds at the Reds, even then it would only be small bumps, the current AB's don't exactly have big profiles in Australia.

The real value in signing any quality test or even Super Rugby player is the boost to the team's performance, improved competitivness and actually winning games.


Tim Horan (67)
I agree Strewth, 1 or 2 players won't make a huge difference. Just the whole argument I thought was slightly missing the point.


Tim Horan (67)
I really only mentioned the article in ROAR to actually show problem. Some think one idea good and others don't. Even in here, some want a domestic comp and then there is not any agreement on what would be best way to do it. I think biggest problem is that (and in NZ too, where many want super dumped) , there is still no real agreement on a workable alternative. A lot of ideas but would still end up same arguments etc?


Sydney Middleton (9)
In Hodgman's case the articles and the podcasts he has been on, he said his main reason for coming to the Reds were family related.

The problem is no one cares about the players in the trenches. The public is usually focused on the glory boys they see the guys kicking goals, scoring tries, the loosies and every player in the back line. Junkyard Dog had a huge impact for the Reds but did anyone recognise the work the tight 5 put in prior?

Hodgman and JTA's impact will be noticed by the players who are in the trenches with them. The dark arts known as scrummaging technique, cleaning out at the breakdowns this work always goes unnoticed. How many kids when asked say my favourite player is James Slipper? It is usually always a back.

I was a former, below average, half back with a shit pass. I fully appreciate the work guys like Hodgman and JTA bring to the table for me their impact as All Blacks playing for the Reds is immense. I have heard a lot of what they have brought to the Team and how they have helped guys like Zane, Sef and De Lautiis with knowledge and development.